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Dad's Favorite Raspberry Pancakes with Chocolate Chips Recipe

I just love the combinations of Raspberries and Chocolate. My
Dad's all time favorite pie was Raspberry Pie he loved raspberry anything and he would have loved  these pancakes. I really think he would have enjoyed these. I would have made them for him for Father's Day if he were still alive. Even though he has been gone now since 1995 I still think of him and the foods he enjoyed over the years.  I can't cook anything that mom or dad loved without wishing they could be here to taste the new recipes.  Time may go on but the memory of family favorites live on forever in our hearts and mind.  

A few years back I posted our favorite pancake recipe and my Dad's favorite fresh fruit on top which is raspberry.  Fresh fruit with a raspberry glaze topping make these more than a special breakfast. You can garnish these with whipped cream as well. I actually made them in his honor on Father's Day but couldn't get the post up the same day. Here is the link below if you want to make them from scratch. Raspberries and Chocolate go famously together! Add some pure maple syrup or the Raspberry glaze homemade fresh recipe below. Just toss them in the cooled glaze and top your favorite pancakes using either a mix or homemade version.  Dad would be thrilled that I am growing my own berries. I am so lucky to live in Florida and they grow so easily! As a child Dad and I would always go berry picking in Upstate New York in near by woods and farms we visited often. I have a ton of fresh berries now and can't wait to make more recipes with them!

Raspberry Glaze:

1 pound Red Raspberries washed or Strawberries (more fresh  berries for topping the pancakes, two pounds total are plenty)

1/3 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon lemon juice 2 teaspoons corn starch

Combine the berries, water, sugar and juice in a saucepan on high. Cook for 10 minutes boiling. Mash the berries in the pan down. Put through a strainer.  In the mean time, add the cornstarch with a little water to make a paste. Place into the strained juice from the berries and boil for around 5 minutes until thickened. Cool completely add more fresh cleaned berries whole to this glaze to top your pancakes with. For a quicker store bought version try and ice cream topping mixed with the fresh berries. Top pancakes with minature chocolate chips and whipped cream with glaze. For homemade recipe for pancakes click on the link below.

 CLICK HERE : Homemade Raspberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes Link 

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