Homemade Grandma's Pasta Updated Photo Recipe

Grandma would dry the pasta on the back of a chair on dish towels. She would cut it by hand, no pasta machines back then in the 1800's. I have my Aunt's machine who was Grandma's daughter, Aunt Mary Colenzo DiOrio. She told me this was the best machine to make spaghetti or fettuccine. We made the grandma's recipe today. My son said, never make that boxed stuff again, he said it was just a totally different texture, flavor and loved it! He forgot when he was little we always had what we called homemades for special occasions only! Now it seems we need to make these no matter what my son now said it's the only way to eat pasta and has to be fresh! Healthy, tasty homemade pasta. Really the best choice, it didn't take that long to make at all and the best part was we all did it together and it was a family fun treat! Even if you don't have a machine, make this fresh pasta, cut it by hand. You will enjoy it immensely!

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Note to cut by hand see instructions below:

Roll dough out as thin as possible using lots of flour in 4 inch wide strips by 12 inch long strips then if you fold it a few times over away from you, you can get even cuts, cutting every strand with a very sharp floured knife. It's easier to handle shorter lengths. Cut long strands of noodles very thin either spaghetti style of fettuccine width which is a little wider. Dry strands on a towel on the back of a chair or place on wax paper on a cookie sheet that will accomodate the pasta using lots of flour to keep loose. You can also make shapes of all kinds with this  pasta dough, cut into retangular shape and pinch in the middle for bow ties, let dry before cooking.

Boil water in a tall large pot with salt water until the pasta floats to the top, then its cooked.

 Cover in Traditional Sunday Sauce.

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