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Italian Pizza Dough Recipe Video

Any shape you make it, this is the start of a fabulous
Italian pizza dough. Check out my tip in the video below.

Half tomato sauce and pepperoni
the other half is mushrooms and spinach!

So easy to make and the crust is the best part don't you think? Ok besides  of course the mounds of cheese and the homemade sauce plus great toppings!!  Are you hungry yet? 
Check out one of my tips that makes this even easier!

Recipe for my homemade dough can be found by clicking here

     Topped with mushrooms peppers and pepperoni
                                                                 Tomato Basil Pizza

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  1. Now I'm REALLY in the mood for pizza! Your crust looks terrific.

  2. I was simply looking for an Italian S cookie recipe, and found the Italian Anisette Orange Marmalade Cookie recipe I must make tomorrow.Funny how people find you. Fate. Thanks for all your efforts in allowing us to increase our awareness of how great Italian cooking truly is.

  3. Hi Philip,
    Are you from Upstate NY? I know alot of Mannino wasn't sure if you are related. Thanks for stopping by. That cookie is one of my favorites! Oh and I love the S shaped cookies too!

  4. Philip,

    Here is a recipe we used to make S shaped Cookies. Not sure if its one your looking for I have two the dense kind heavier cookie and another that's all butter.


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