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Pandoro Recipe

One of my favorite risen cakes at Christmas time. This year my son ordered me a pan instead of me using my traditional metal coffee cans. I love the way this baked it's so festive and looked so professional!  It was such a fun day as we got to take my grandson to see Santa too. See more photo's below. I bought him a Santa suit and he looked so adorable you don't want to miss his photo's. Link for this Pandoro recipe is below also. 

I figured I would take photos of each stage it went through so you can see how it evolved.

I love my Pandoro Pan

For the recipe CLICK HERE 

Antonio is 22 months old now

Proud Grandpa Poppy

Little man never cried he loves Santa such a great time in our lives Merry Christmas everyone next year Antonio will have a sibling to play with Buon Natale


  1. Claudia - your Pandoro is magnificent. You make me want to invest in a proper pan - although I still doubt it would look as beautiful as yours. Antonio is such a little beauty - those eyes! I know you will be having a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Claudia - The Pandoro is amazing! I have never seen a cake like this! I love your photo's of Antonion, such a handsome lil' man!


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