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Stuffed Yellow Squash Recipe

I love this middle eastern flair in this dish. The spices really make this dish come alive and burst with flavor.
When I was a young girl my mom sister Aunt Esther,  who I miss dearly everyday,  would make what is the original name for stuffed squash is Kusa. These are a hybrid type of squash and light green in color. Hard to find but if you can  find them you hit gold!
Use them instead as they are fabulous little squash and perfect for this dish. She was an amazing cook. Took the simplest things and made a banquet out of it!
Aunt Esther always inspires me to make this recipe (R.I.P.)  although it's not exactly the way she made it, she will always make the best I ever had and the best memories of eating stuffed squash. 
I always love to make this when the season for squash is in abundance but I just couldn't wait until then, end of summer is depressing so start your Spring off with this a stuffed squash that will tantalize your taste buds! 

also here is a great tool to use to scoop out the seeds and stuff the squash!

It has a tip on it that looks like a little scooper I found online.

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