Healthy Pita Pizza Recipe

You don't have to give up pizza on a diet, no way! When the urge strikes and you are wishing for that pizza, here is one way to give into the craving and  if using all veggies it's only 240 calories. Of course you can make this as fattening as you may like because it's a quick fix for anyone in a hurry to get the family fed and easy. You can make it all vegetarian or you can make it a meat lovers that's not so diet friendly. Guess what else? I make my own pita bread it's so easy! So that's a bonus too! If you prefer a garlic pizza just follow the link for other options below!

Healthy Pita Pizza Recipe

Fresh Spinach washed
Fresh Plum Tomatoes sliced thin
Minced garlic in olive oil
Mushrooms sliced
Shavings of Parmesan Cheese
Fresh basil, rosemary
Dried oregano, granulated garlic, salt, pepper, cayenne to taste
Pita bread click for recipe or use store bought
Oil Spray and flavor you like

What more vegetables?  Add eggplant slices, zucchini slices, onions, peppers, escarole, arugula or any other vegetable you like. 

Optional: You can add whatever toppings you want, if your not a dieter and a meat lover, add pepperoni, crusted meatballs, sausage, slices of mozzarella, provolone, shredded chicken, ham, pineapple, anchovies, shrimp, steak

Place the pita bread on a cookie sheet. Add sliced tomatoes or canned tomato sauce if you prefer. 
Top with options you like from above. Add whatever kind of cheese you like. 

To keep this at 240 calories just make this with the toppings in the photo. Spray with butter flavored oil or olive oil first. Add toppings. Bake at 430 degree hot oven until bubbling and crispy.
Broil the toppings also if you like it dark crispy cheese topped.

  NOTE: For Garlic Pizza just add olive oil, minced garlic, brush with melted butter, salt, pepper, parsley and basil, oregano and fresh rosemary. Top with shredded mozzarella and bake till brown and crispy!

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Liz Berg said...

This pizza must be wonderful on your homemade pita! The toppings are my favorites!!!