Grandma's Easter Bread and Cookbook Offer

Grandma's Easter Bread has always been a traditional favorite of mine every year. It wouldn't be Easter with that Anise Flavored bread dough baking drizzled with a light powdered sugar frosting. We loved the colorful boiled eggs that make it so festive that grandma use to let us create (years and years ago now) that went into her recipe. This can be found on page 85 of my new family recipe cookbook "A Taste Of Love", inspired by mom Margaret Fanelli Colenzo, dad Carmen Colenzo and grandma Victoria Ferraro Colenzo. 

As always we continue to keep them alive in our kitchens through their teachings and recipes. 

There are over 140 recipes in this book. If you are interested in obtaining this soft cover book of my families recipes,  scroll down for details. 

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Author Claudia Colenzo Lamascolo.

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Liz Berg said...

Your Easter bread looks amazing, Claudia! Definitely want to bake this up for Easter!!!

Gisella Pisano said...

This Easter bread looks adorable. Reminds me so much of struffoli that my own nonna used to make. I'm a big fan of all kinds of Italian bread, so thanks for this.

And congratulations on the recipe cookbook!