Mom's Ham and Cabbage Soup Photo and Cookbook Offer

One of the most comforting soups mom made found on page 23 in my new cookbook "A Taste of Love" is this soup recipe.  

Every winter mom would make huge pots of this soup we could eat this every day and at a minimal cost. Back in the 1960's in Utica New York, my hometown our family really knew how to make a meal stretch and these were the best dinners always. All of her recipes are etched in my mind forever. This book contains over 140 recipes. For more about this recipe and how to get a copy see the link below. Thanks for stopping by. Author Claudia Colenzo Lamascolo, in memory of Margaret Fanelli Colenzo, Carmen Colenzo and Grandma Victoria Ferraro Colenzo.

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Liz Berg said...

You were so lucky to grow up with such amazing food! I love your family recipes!

Curt Iffert said...

I myself have been very lucky to eat such amazing food all my life :)

claudia lamascolo said...

Thanks Liz and Curt I am lucky to have you around to be my taste tester!