What's Cookin Cookbook Offer and Pizza Fritta Recipe

An Upstate N.Y. speciality at feasts during the summer months. The Utica local churches made the best fried dough, (zeppole). This recipe can be found on page 113 in A Taste Of Love Cookbook you will find the offer below on how to order. For a limited time offer only. Follow the link below.  There are more than 140 + recipes in the book. Mom's Grandma's and Dad's old world Italian recipes handed down for generations. Thanks for stopping by. If you love Italian Cuisine this has a great selection from Utica, New York.

For the Pizza dough recipe click here:

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Liz Berg said...

Man, this would be a marvelous indulgence! Perfect for Fat Tuesday!

Pam said...

Yum! Pass the plate, please!