Sausage or Hotdogs Dough Appetizer Recipe

Saturday, August 29, 2009
A fast Sausage or Hotdogs Dough Appetizer is a great way to please any crowd at any party gathering, game day, picnics or the kids will love them in their lunches!

No matter how old you are these are still a favorite little treat!

These little bundles are an all-time football day favorite. A piece of your favorite sausage, wrapped around a blanket of dough actually now a vintage recipe. Meat and dough, hence the name pigs in a blanket

Sausage or Hotdogs Dough Appetizer Recipe

1 package of your favorite cooked Italian sausage or suggestions, beef hogs,

kielbasa, bratwurst, cheddar hotdogs, smoked sausage.

1 pound of pizza dough, frozen or homemade or you can use refrigerator dough-like crescent rolls cut in half you will need two tubes for a package of hotdogs.

Mustard of choice, dijon, spicy or tomato Sauce and if you like,

Honey flavored or plain barbecue sauce.

Spices: cayenne pepper, parsley, garlic powder, black pepper

grating cheese

extra virgin olive oil

Take a tablespoon of dough roll out to a 1/4 inch thick. Put a dab of your favorite sauce on the dough I usually use( hot mustard for hotdogs or tomato sauce for Italian sausage, or barbecue for cheddar brats)

Add a piece of the sausage that is cut about 1/2 inch thick, roll-up. Sprinkle the top with grated cheese, garlic powder drizzle olive oil over the top a little black pepper and cayenne pepper and parsley. Place on a cookie sheet that has been greased, with side seam down. Bake at 400 degrees until brown.

Serve warm with more mustard of choice. So, easy and sure to please those fans!


  1. This is a great recipe when you need to make a large batch of something yummy for a party..I'm making your pizza crust recipe next week for tomato pie, I bet the same dough would be perfect for these!

  2. I bet you could do this with tofu hot dogs - i never thought about that, but it would be kind of fun!

  3. @tasty trix wow tofu sounds good, even if you use just peppers and mushrooms would be good,,
    @kathy let me know how you like the dough, I make it weekly thanks

  4. Perfect football snacks! I'd have to arm wrestle my kids for these (or just make an extra batch).

  5. looks very nice. I am sure we do it with anything we like.

  6. yep, I would be one to go for these first ... a couple would get me 'round the table and back to my lazy-boy!!!

  7. I haven't had these in forever, now I'm wanting to make some :)

  8. I haven't had these in forever! I love the idea of putting the sauce inside - soooo good!


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