Crockpot Italian Style Chicken Mushroom Stew

Saturday, September 11, 2010
Special Prayers go out today for all the victims and families of 911, RIP.

To all my readers,  a  tribute and moment of silence  starting at 9:11 am this morning will be held and for the rest of today special thoughts and prayers. If you happen to be viewing this blog please join us in remembering all the families and victims of this tragic day, nine years ago today.

"Those we love must someday pass
beyond our present sight...
Must leave us and the world we
know without their radiant light.
But we know that like a candle
their lovely light will surely shine
To brighten up another place
more perfect... more divine.
And in the realm of Heaven
where they shine so warm and bright
Our loved ones live forever more in God ’s eternal light."


Here is a great meal for anytime of the year. Great over pasta, rice or even mashed potatoes

4 boneless chicken breasts left whole or cut into chunks (if you're in a hurry like me leave them whole) this will fall apart easily later to cut up.
1 lb  can diced tomatoes
1/2 teaspoon each dried herbs thyme, rosemary, (cayenne pepper optional if you like the heat like we do), black pepper, salt, oregano, parsley, basil, add more or less of each to taste if  you like , and any other kinds of herbs you prefer.
1 lb sliced fresh mushrooms washed
2 tablespoon or more of wondra flour mixed with a little water to make a paste for the end
1/2 cup white wine
grating cheese and parsley for garnish

In a 4 to 5 quart crock pot, sprayed lightly or using disposable liners, add chicken first. Sprinkle with herbs, add tomatoes, wine, mushrooms.
Cook on low till done, I left this on for 7 hours. Came home and the chicken fell apart! Moist and perfect. Take the wonder flour add at the end to thicken. Add more if too watery one tablespoon mixed with water at a time.  Can be served over rice, pasta, bread or just the way it is. Sprinkle with grated cheese, and serve.


  1. prayer and tribute with meaning, thanks ... Love you easy recipe, bet it did fall apart and looks so tasty

  2. Nice way to remember this fatidic and terrible day..

  3. I bet your chicken comes out incredibly tender and so delicious! I love crockpot chicken!

  4. Yes, I did remember this...times flies, I remember exactly that moment 9 years ago.

  5. Great way to remember 9/11. And the chicken stew with mushrooms looks delicious!

  6. Spent the day cooking and remembering. Was good to be home. Lovely posting.

  7. Claudia: Nice recipe...will keep and try now that the weather is getting cooler in NY...stew weather, though the crock pot does keep the kitchen from heating up during the summer. You might enjoy my apple/pear pickin' adventure on my blog. And yes, 9/11 is such a sad day. In the church I work for we had the funeral Masses for 6 and I knew another 3 victims from our area who perished that day, along with several who "made it out". Still so vivid and upsetting. A young woman, Laura, had just returned to work after having a baby two months before...the child never got to know her. We shall never forget and continue to pray for healing. Your prayer is lovely. N

  8. I was watching it on TV...really a very frightening and sad day :( Thanks very much for sharing another lovely dish.

  9. Thoughts and prayers for the families and victims of 911.
    I love your delicious recipe. I think I really need to get a cockpot everyone has such great recipes and ways to use them. Maybe this Christmas.

  10. Thoughts and prayers go out to all effected by 9/11. Thank you!

  11. We are truly blessed with warm and soulful human beings like yourself Claudia. Very thoughtful prayer.

    Your meal as usual is very welcoming and appetizing.

    All the best and flavourful wishes,

  12. Lovely tribute to the victims of 9/11.

    Perfect comfort dish to soothe the soul when remembering events like this.

  13. A very lovely tribute...And this is a beautiful dish :)


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