Crescent Roll Margarita Mushroom Pepperoni Pizza

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A quick and easy dinner making pizza using crescent rolls. Flaky crust and delicious indeed!

Crescent roll dough rolled into a Chicago style deep dish fresh tomato pizza.

Sliced tomatoes with lots of herbs and spices makes a great appetizer or quick fix for anytime of the day

Just roll out the dough to fit a brownie size pan, and precook the dough on 350 for 10 minutes.

1 can crescent roll refrigerated dough
fresh mushrooms sliced
pepperoni sliced
2 cloves of garlic
olive oil
white wine ( pino grigio preferred)
sliced plum tomatoes
grated reggiano cheese
selected herbs to sprinkle on top by choice, to your taste, suggestions  and use fresh when available: dried basil, oregano, garlic powder, black pepper ,cayenne pepper and parsley.

Optional toppings:  cooked loose Italian sausage, sliced olives, peppers, cooked shrimp, cooked chopped eggplant, slices of zucchini, chopped ham and pineapple, add whatever you get on your store bought pizza and build it to your own taste.

Spread dough out on a greased brownie size rectangular pan, press dough up along the sides slightly. Cook dough for 10 minutes on 350. Take out of oven. In the meantime in a large fry pan, saute 3 tablespoon of olive oil with minced garlic till golden, add mushrooms with  3 tablespoons of white wine saute till mushrooms are soft, drain off liquid if any left. Top with sliced tomato, mushrooms and garlic, pepperoni, grating cheese and mozzarella. Sprinkle lightly with herbs of choice above, evenly all over toppings. Bake on 400 till cheese is melted and veggies are soft looking. Top with fresh basil.


  1. Well, of course! Crescent rolls are awesome yet I never thought to use as pizza dough.

  2. I love the thin crusted pizza! Mushrooms are one of the best toppings for the pizza.

  3. All my favorite ingredients rolled into one ever-lasting easy meal - really love that. need easy (but delicious) meals about 4 days/week. Loving the mushrooms (always).

  4. A great idea to use the crescent roll dough, an easy and delicious meal!

  5. Yum! I love having recipes like this when I don't feel like making a fuss in the kitchen. You sure have made made a tube of dough look like a million bucks!

  6. A mouth-watering pizza, great topping! Last picture is perfect!

  7. love it, easy, and so you... esp these busy nights, right? hey, this is one I am stealing

  8. Oh Claudia this sounds and looks so so good! You are making me hungry. I've never thought about making pizza this way but I can see you are brilliant. Can't wait to try this for lunch or for dinner with a salad on the side. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  9. Oh My gosh I love love love this blog! Keep them coming!

  10. Crescent rolls are great for so many things! The pizza looks delicious!

  11. Great idea to use crescent rolls. I've never thought of that and I bet they were delicious!

  12. Ummm tasty looking pizza that's easy and quick LOVE IT!

  13. very interesting idea to use this dough for pizza,you are so creative-innovative person!

  14. so easy, but it looks very professional.


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