A Dedication to Caylee Marie Anthony RIP Updated

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
This tragic story  began in June 2008. Living here in Florida this little girl became near and dear to our hearts, we never knew her. When she went missing, then later found dead it felt like family. She has touched many of our hearts around the globe and consumed us with grief because of her sad and tragic death. It's a horrific and truly bizzare story. This beautiful little girl Caylee Marie Anthony, will stay forever in our hearts. My post is dedicated to her beautiful smile and unfortunate short life she had will never be forgotten. Now in these next two months of this trial,  to have justice served so she can finally rest in peace. The trial began May 24th,  2011.  I have followed every minute of this with heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends that knew her. 

 RIP Caylee Anthony, you were truly a precious little soul and now forever an angel in heaven, gone too soon. 

August 9, 2005 – June 16, 2008

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An update on 7/5/2011 Casey Anthony was acquitted of all murder charges.

Read here for the complete story and trial of the century. Over 800k facebook users put a porch lite on, at 9:00pm on 7/5/2011.

 Watch this below as they read the verdict, one of the biggest trials of the century and heart wrenching moments as millions of viewers jaws dropped in disbelief.

 There wasn't justice served for Caylee Marie Anthony today, we still do not know what happened to this precious angel and probably never will, our State Prosecution was brillant throughout the entire trial.

A trial that ended with many emotions, was justic really served?

RIP Sweet Angel gone but never forgotten, we will rely on God to keep you safe and the trust this his judgement will prevail.

Trial ends with an aquittal, her mother that never reported her body for 31 days walks free on 7/16/2011.. there was no justice for Caylee. RIP.


  1. Very sad. Lets hope justice will be done.

  2. This case has taken a bizarre turn Claudia. I'm following too. Truly a tragedy for everyone!

  3. This is so sad, it truly breaks my heart to hear it on the news everyday, she's a beautiful little iocent child, I'm sure she ot killed by her mother, most children's misfortunes are brought up by their parents because they don't take care of them as even animals do, sometimes, they have more protective intints in their nature than human beings do! I hope her dead has justice!

  4. Claudia, she is only one of the unfortunate one. I am so sorry for her & her parents. Everyday, they're still children went missing everywhere. I wonder what are these people doing! Why are they doing this to the children? Seems so helpless.

  5. we can only pray for justice and hope for better mankind, may we start with ourselves...

  6. There are no words to comment on such events. Lets hope justice will be done!

  7. So sorry. I pray for her parents!

  8. Such a sad and unbelievable thing...I as well hope that justice is done, but what I hope for most of all is that there be an end to such horrific cases.
    Beautiful and touching post...

  9. Missing children always leave me with shivers. Etan Patz and Jacob Wetterling live in my heart. Indeed, her life was too brief.

  10. Oh Claudia, this was such a painful tragedy for such a beautiful little soul. God knows what happened and will be the final authority of justice. May this little Caylee be in complete happiness in heaven now. She certainly is experiencing His love and care there. It will take a long time for Floridians to recover from this sad event. Thank you for your post.


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