All Bloggers Unite In A Candle Vigual For 911 Memorial And Today

Sunday, September 11, 2011
We shall never forget

We shall keep this day,

We shall keep the events and the tears

In our minds, our memory and our hearts

and take them with us as we carry on.
Everyone join me tonight and  light a red candle today at 6 pm with a moment of silence vigual

September 11, 2001 was a life-altering event for not just Americans, but for the entire world.  Prayers to all the families and victims of 911 today, now 10 years later, it still seems so impossible that we endured such disaster and pain . A moment of silence for all bloggers of the world to unit who read this, may God be with all who lost their lives and their families.

We are keeping this candle burning for all the people

& their families who were in the planes, buildings and

anywhere near the explosions today. May God be with them now and

always to  help them through each day and their tomorrows

God Bless

Keep The Candle Going

I asked God for water, he gave me an ocean.

I asked God for a flower, he gave me a garden.

I asked God for a tree, he gave me a forest.

I asked God for a friend, he gave me YOU.

"There is not enough darkness in the world to put

out the light of one candle."

The Candle of Love, Hope and Friendship


Patriotic Cake  
(Bloggers every year bake something patriotic to respect and remember everyone who lost their lives) 


 September 11th,  2011 at 3:00 pm, my sons Chad and Curt lost their father to Cancer. A day no one could ever forget in our family. My heart goes out to all the family that lost a loved one on this day.
R.I.P. You will be their Guardian Angel now


  1. Those images will never disappear from my mind!!!

  2. I did..hard to forget..for anyone...

  3. Dear Claudia, It is an impact here that will never be lifted. Your friend, Catherine xoxo

  4. We must always remember and not forget our prayers.

  5. hope nobody never live same things..

  6. Freedom is not free! Never forget 9/11! I will be lighting the red candle tonight.

  7. I'm sorry about your family's loss today -- and to all those who are remember their losses 10 years ago.

  8. Such a sad, horrific day. We will never forget the lives lost and the heroic acts of such brave ones in NYC this day, Sept 11, 2001. God Bless our emergency response personnel who went in and fought to save lives.
    USA 1 vs Terrorist 0 God Bless America!

  9. I'm a Jersey girl and seeing those Towers going down broke my heart. We will never forget the innocent lives lost.

    Love to your sons; so very sorry for their loss.

  10. So sorry for you and your family's loss today Claudia! Sending big HUGS your way. xoxo

  11. Well done, Claudia! It was a tragic that no one will ever forget.

  12. Yes, I will always remember also. So sorry for the loss in your family. Sympathy to your sons and you.

  13. Oh my goodness Claudia. I can't even focus on the rest of the post. All I can see is the end. I am so sorry for your sons for losing their Dad. Much sympathy and empathy. I lost my Mom when I was 15. My heart just goes out to you and the kids. Big virtual hug coming your way. xx

  14. I'm having a hard time leaving this comment, my eyes are full of tears. I'm so sorry your son's lost their dad. Heartbreaking.

    I will never forget 9/11.

  15. Dear Claudia - Oh such double sadness for you and your family on this day. Hugs all around. And no, we will never forget, that is certain.

  16. I will never forget! And I am so sorry about your family's loss, Claudia!

  17. Claudia, I am so very sorry to read about your loss and that of your sons. (((HUGS)))and prayers 'cos you need 'em.

  18. May the Lord protect your family and keep watch over you. I am sorry for ur loss..

  19. I am so sorry for the loss that your family has experienced and hugs.


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