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Friday, August 10, 2012
Thank you again for being so supportive. I to date have now been able to get more than 35 posts, video's and family recipes removed from various sites. I have sent in 35 more last night.
Amazing how many are out there. If you haven't kept up with what happening to my particular situation you can click the links below. I also want to say, as I am searching the internet, I will send on the information to you personally should I find any incidents that may have happened to you all. Just to give you an idea on the time it takes to locate, fill out the form and time inbetween to get removed, last night I spent 6 hours on this project. As you can see working full time then coming home to get back the work I have done only to have it stolen is very important to me as all of you are that are reading this.

So my friends. Thank you again for support, patience and understanding. I hope to be back up commenting on your blogs in a week or so and will continue my quest to stop these thieves that have no idea how much time and effort and pride we take in our work only to swipe it as their own, appreciate all of you.  Ciao Claudia

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