Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thank you to all my faithful readers for all your continuous support and comments, as I have had several emails regarding my comments being shut off recently. I have had to do this temporarily.  I am having a bit of trouble with thieves and spammers. For those that have been faithful followers and reading my blog, I have spent endless hours trying to get most of my blog back that had been stolen by a website with a false contributor.  I urge you to check your photo's there as well, I have seen quite a few of my blogging friends photo's with her reposting as her own. The girl goes by the name of Vika Hardi. I have sent endless emails and spent endless hours getting the site to remove my photo's, video's, family events and articles the website did nothing. However Blogger team and staff along with the google web form has been both most helpful. They have taken down at least 15 of the many more I find on a daily basis. She hides them in other links. Even my link backs on my original page with click back to her page. Clever girl and very devious.

My apologies for not getting to comment back in a timely manner. This endeavor to get back my blogging posts has taken numerous hours, being a full time Store Manager, working 60 hours + a week I have had no time to devote to my favorite foodie friends and family here..

I hope you understand, I have to take off the comment box until I can get back to all of you, my fine friends and supporters. I don't want any of you to think I am ignoring your fine work. I am still seeing all the fabulous posts.

I am hoping this will be a few more weeks and back to normal.

If you would like to check that site for stolen photo's and posts see below hopefully down the road of several more forms to fill out this one will bring you to nowhere.  For now it's still up and stolen. There are more than 35 I found so far.

 Actually this is my recipe and you can see the original post here below:

So dear friends, this is what's consuming all my time, energy and yes it makes me sick to think we have to go through all this. I will gladly answer your emails with questions. 

You can see the first post I referred to this happening to me here :

The Web form for google should you find offenders is here:

Thanks for all your support and I promise to comment again soon just need some time to finish finding all the stolen pieces of my hard work for the last 3 1/2 years... 
I will still continue to post some drafted entries. Trying to watermark everything I can.
Working full time puts alot of stress into getting this all accomplished. Again thank you for understanding and reading What's Cookin' ... I promise in a few weeks I will be able to comment again.

Ciao for now  xo Claudia