Garlic Roasted Peppers, Tomatoes and Zucchini Bake Recipe

Monday, September 17, 2012
One of the many things I pride myself on is having and eating all freshly grown vegetables, it's a bonus when you can have them fresh for sure!
Here is fresh tomatoes and freshly grown peppers... and a wonderful baked medley in this recipe~

My babies (smile) I just love growing my own vegetables and have been so lucky to get
these beautiful red bell peppers I used in this recipe! 

Reggiano Romano Cheese Grated
Dried Oregano
Fresh Parsley
Fresh sliced Plum Tomatoes
Fresh Sliced Zucchini
Fresh Red and Green Bell Peppers Chopped in Cubes
Olive Oil
3 Cloves Fresh Garlic Slices
Salt, Pepper To Taste
Garlic Powder
Italian Flavored Bread Crumbs

On a oil sprayed cookie sheet or parchment paper lined, add the sliced vegetables to the cookie sheet.
Sprinkle evenly with grating cheese, parsley, oregano, slices of garlic and salt, pepper. Generously drizzle with olive oil, then sprinkle with Italian flavored bread crumbs, sprinkle with garlic powder. Bake at 400 degrees until browned and vegetables are soft when pierced with a fork around 35 minutes.


  1. What an appetizing, healthy and tasty mix. I love this kind of veg recipes. Bye, have a great week

  2. Hi Claudia, my mother in low makes similar dish. Delizioso ! Tanti saluti !

  3. Gorgeous! My mouth is watering looking at the picture.

  4. Well done on your garden! I love your peppers and they must surely taste wonderful.
    Love this recipe too! Ciao bella.

  5. I can just about smell the freshness of your garden from here. The garlic roasting with them must be heavenly. It looks delicious.

  6. Looks fresh and delicious. "I just love growing my own vegetables" - I second this.

  7. I am impressed with your lovely veggies that you grow. Great idea to roast veggies - just brings out their natural sweetness. Love it!

  8. Dear Claudia, I love roasted veggies. These beauties and a good loaf of Italian bread and you are set. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  9. This looks fantastic, Claudia! I have some fresh from the garden veggies here that I need to use up. I now know what to use them in :-D

  10. Hi Pegasuslegend, love your bell peppers. It's always nice to grow our own vegetables and herbs.

    The baked vegetables look excellent.

    Have a nice week ahead, regards.

  11. Claudia, I'm simply drooling over your homegrown gorgeous red bell peppers, and even more for the baked vegetables with the roasted garlic, or should I say...roasted vegetable and garlic; either way, I could easily become a vegetarian eating amazing fresh veggies like that with a piece of crusty Italian bread, and a glass of nice red wine...yumm! Buon Appetitio...ciao!

  12. Looks delicious and a recipe I would love to try.


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