Utica Greens Claudia Style Recipe

Friday, April 5, 2013
Utica Greens Claudia's style recipe! I love them all dressed up! Click the link below for my version.

A great side dish and so healthy for you! Italian Sauteed Escarole...garlicky with extra virgin olive oil and a little heat! ....tender greens you are going to love~ I make three different version here is just one of them. Every restaurant makes these different. Some made with prosciutto, potatoes, peppers, the versions can go on and on. If you make the basic recipe, you can add your hearts desire. I love mine with mozzarella on top and bread crumbs. It's all your preference. Utica/Rome is noted for their Chicken Riggies, Italian Greens, Pusties, Tomato Pie, Half Moon Cookies, Cannoli, just to name a few there is so much more. I could probably write a book just on the fabulous foods of Utica/Rome NY...someday I may just find the time to do that. For now watch the video to see why I love UPSTATE NEW YORK UTICA ROME AREA FOR THE FINEST ITALIAN FOODS!



  1. Claudia, This looks and sounds so delicious! I love sautéed greens! Nice video.

  2. I've never eaten escarole but this post makes me want to.

  3. Grandma and my mother adores escarole and it is hard to find here. I love how you sweetened it with the saute and cheese.


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