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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

 Beware to all my fellow Bloggers, keep an eye on who is taking your contents.  Hope this will educate some of my friends who blog out there that there are sites out there like this one.  Hoping your blog isn't subject to theft like mine. Please read on and thank you for your patience of this lengthy article on RSS feed theft.

After many months of trying to get information on who runs this sites that steal, I had to write a blog post in hope to have them stop publishing my entire blog on their website, since this content will post not on my own accord but by them swiping my RSS feed without me knowing it. It took awhile to find out but after careful research and checking daily on where the contents was ending up, we found it on a websites all over facebook and other blogs that just steal contents.
A feed is something every blog has we are subject to these types of web sites that do this kind of theft. There are many articles on the web about this kind syndication.
I finally have some copyrights laws and people to help. Right now I felt the need to make sure all bloggers out there are aware this can happen to them too.
I decided to take some time to actually write about this situation so you can understand what is happening and maybe they will see this isn't such great news that they will post on their blog today automatically without my permission and just maybe they will stop to  continue publishing my contents on a daily basis on their web site as if they were given permissions. Maybe they would like to see an article everyday get posted about the lack of integrity and respect,  they have and will get published and I will consider that great reading content for them!  Whatever  easy RSS feed that they can snatch up and get is how they work this.  There is no one who has authorized or given permissions to do so.
they reap the benefits of our hard work. They get many and sometimes more views or take from bloggers and this may be the bloggers only source of income, do they care,  no way. Posting my content on their site doesn't benefit me at all.  They benefit from it and have been for a long time now!
I guess I need to write an article a day so my feed goes directly to theirs at least I know it won't be my hard work and recipes just taken from me but that would take a lot of time and energy. Maybe someone will see I am serious about not wanting them to post my articles and hard work or anything else I write on their webpage for free
I am grateful this is not my only means of support as it is for some bloggers but someday it may be and I may have to depend on this extra income. This site has no regard for or respect for copy rights laws or our fellow bloggers, or the damages they do to a blogger.  They take whatever they can get that's easy. 
Again they have never once answered me and now I am going to the DMCA for these violations.
Worse that they actually have readers that don't know  or understand how they get their content.  Taking others contents and not doing one bit of any of the work. None of their readers would know that this site has taken it without permission.
How can we stop websites from taking our blogs right from under us like this? Laws, follow the processes. Here is a link for that also :
Well for one there are copyright rules even with my blogger feed set to short they have some other way or mechanism to pull my articles.

To all my readers I apologize in advance for having to write this long article. My mission is to help others like me.  If this will help to stop this site or others from just being able to do as they please, stop your chances of getting more viewers and stopping us and claim of our own blogs it's ridiculous with all the time, effort and money we spend to keep it going to have this happen.

Appreciate my readers dedication and continued support thank you all so much. I will not stop  disputing what they are doing until they take my site off their page.

If you also have a problem and need to stop a blogging sniper look up their domain here at Whois Lookup Domain


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