February and New Beginnings

Friday, February 28, 2014
This month started a new journey in life for me as I was blessed with this precious gift that made me a first time grandmother. I can't express the joy to watch this birth of my new grandson Antonio. He truly came into this world with an abundance of love and what an amazing experience to be part of watching. We will all be enjoying this new bundle and have been very anxious these past 9 months to finally have him join our family . My son +Curt Iffert and his fiancee' +Jennifer Carman are the proud parents and I thank them for letting me part of this precious experience to see my new grandson be born. A day to remember February 25, 2014. Antonio Valentino Iffert. Our blessing.

His first photo shot after being cleaned. I was grateful to be part of the birth and watch him come into the world.

Such a quiet little man, he went right to sleep

Tha'ts me holding Antonio with his dad +Curt Iffert and mom +Jennifer Carman

The proud parents with Antonio are Curt Iffert and Jennifer Carman beaming with joy.

That's me Grandma, Poppi Nemo, Mommy and Antonio

Here I welcome our newest family member little Italian man Antonio Valentino, my precious grandson who has brought great joy to all our lives. We are so thankful he is just perfect. Our little man is going to be spoiled with all the love grandma can give, it's already started can't get enough of him.

So thank you for your patience this month as I have been patiently waiting for this new arrival and haven't posted on a regular basis, now you all know why. Now I have even more ideas as we watch him grow with fun things to make for our new Antonio to enjoy in the first years he will learn many new foods, so stay tuned and watch for the updates for future posts. I will be back in March with lots of new recipes. Thank you for being supportive. Proud Grandma +claudia lamascolo Author

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