Semi Homemade Pesto Pizza Recipe

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Semi homemade pizza. What a great way to enjoy homemade style pizza with any delicious topping your heart desires.
All you have to do is buy some hoagie rolls (sub rolls, submarine rolls, whatever you call them) split them in half and then add whatever toppings you love! The kids can help make them too. It will be fun creating your own personal pizza with that homemade taste. Can it get any easier? Yes it can. Rolls, sauce, cheese and your good to go unless you want some gourmet ideas then read on for some yummy suggestions.

My idea of delicious pizza is prepare it with freshest ingredients possible. Tomatoes, cheese, pesto sauce, garlic and your favorite cooked meats can make this a whole meal!

Semi Homemade Pizza:

Sub rolls (hoagie or torpedo rolls whatever you call them!) 
Tomatoes sliced thin
Store bought pesto sauce or tomato sauce or Alfredo sauce
Mozzarella shredded cheese
Olive oil
Dried oregano, basil, parsley
Black pepper
Red pepper flakes
Grating cheese

Optional topping suggestions:

 pepperoni, cooked sausage, mushrooms, spinach, ricotta cheese, thinly sliced broccoli, cappicola, meatballs crushed, thinly sliced beef, chicken, cooked shrimps, 
ham and pineapple, tuna.

Preheat the oven at 400 degrees. Brush the rolls with olive oil and sprinkle each cut side with dried herbs, bake until toasted and light brown on top.

Top with pesto, sliced tomatoes or sauces if you prefer, top with meats of choice and shredded cheese and grating cheese. Bake on 400 degrees until cheese is melted. 

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