Italian Amaretto Iced Coffee Recipe

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Amaretto Iced Coffee is one of the most refreshing brunch drinks I have ever had.

Even if you just love just black coffee with no sugar, try adding just a little bit of Amaretto to it to enhance this delicious beverage.

Of course, if you would prefer no alcohol, just add a few drops of flavored syrup to the brew.

Italian Amaretto Iced Coffee Recipe

1 cup ground coffee use either espresso or dark roast

1 fine mesh strainer

1 32 ounces glass container with a lid of mason jar quart size

spring water or any filtered water

1 or 2 coffee filters to strain the grounds

Place the coffee into the container with the water. Leave overnight.

Next day, place the filter into the mesh strainer and pour this liquid into the filter lined mesh strainer over a large bowl.

Wait until it catches all the grinds. Replace filter as needed. Removing all coffee grounds.

You can actually just heat this coffee to make a regular cup using equal parts of this coffee mixture with half coffee and half water, this is a strong brew that's concentrated.

Iced Coffee:

Italian Style:

Pour coffee into a large glass to half coffee mixture, add the other half water then 1 shot of Amaretto more or less to taste fill with ice. Add Amaretto flavored syrup for nonalcohol.

Other suggestions like a Starbucks Knockoff:

Fill with half coffee and half milk, add ice, then add sugar to taste or flavored syrups of your choice.


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