Tex Mex Tomato Salad Recipe

Friday, June 19, 2015

If you love tomatoes, cucumbers and summer vegetables this is a perfect salad to try. I love this one as it bursts with spring, summer and warmer weather! This one's for you read on. Make it a whole meal and add grilled cubed chicken or grilled shrimp!

Here's all you need:

Avocados peeled and diced
Fresh corn sliced off the cob
Grape, plum or cherry tomatoes sliced in half or cubed
Green, black or pimento stuffed olives
Fresh limes squeezed
Cucumbers peeled and sliced (I also take the seeds out)
Fresh cleaned raw broccoli and cauliflower stems removed and chopped
Celery is optional if you like it
Oregano dried flakes
Minced fresh garlic 
Salt, pepper and cayenne to taste
Extra Virgin Olive oil

Optional for meat lovers: cooked cubed chicken, steamed shrimp 
In a large bowl place all the vegetables, olives,  including minced garlic and meat if using and mix together.
Drizzle olive oil, two to three fresh squeezed lime juice over the top. Evenly shake oregano, salt, pepper and cayenne if you like a little heat.
This can be eaten as is or over a bed of greens which is super delicious.

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  1. Love tex mex flavour. This is a perfect summer salad, Claudia.


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