Balsamic Green Bean Pistachio Salad Recipe

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Here is a simple green bean salad perfect alone or as a side dish with your meals. Served cold or hot it's delicious! I just love green beans and with this aged balsamic vinegar they are over the top great! The pistachios give them such a great crunch.

A pretty dish to serve during the holiday too!

Balsamic Green Bean Pistachio Salad Recipe
2 lbs green beans cleaned and washed
Balsamic vinegar we use 18 year aged
Pistachios out of shells
3 garlic cloves minced fine
salt, pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
After cleaning the beans steam or boil them until desired doneness. We like ours soft so it takes around 35 minutes steaming.
In a medium sized bowl add the beans. Drizzle with 3 tablespoons vinegar and the same for olive oil. Sprinkle with a small amount or oregano, chopped or dried basil,  salt and pepper to taste.
Fold in the garlic and blend together.
Before serving place on a plate sprinkle with whole pistachios. We love our balsamic vinegar so we drizzle a bit more on the place for dipping.

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