Italian Pizza Dough Photos and Video

Monday, August 10, 2015


Pizza Recipes:


  1. Now I'm REALLY in the mood for pizza! Your crust looks terrific.

  2. I was simply looking for an Italian S cookie recipe, and found the Italian Anisette Orange Marmalade Cookie recipe I must make tomorrow.Funny how people find you. Fate. Thanks for all your efforts in allowing us to increase our awareness of how great Italian cooking truly is.

  3. Hi Philip,
    Are you from Upstate NY? I know alot of Mannino wasn't sure if you are related. Thanks for stopping by. That cookie is one of my favorites! Oh and I love the S shaped cookies too!

  4. Philip,

    Here is a recipe we used to make S shaped Cookies. Not sure if its one your looking for I have two the dense kind heavier cookie and another that's all butter.


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