Basic Fried Chicken Recipe

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The great thing about this recipe is you can each these plain or dip them in any sauce you like. This basic recipe also can be used for lemon chicken, chicken marsala and chicken parmesan so versatile.

Basic Fried With Flour Chicken Recipe

salt, pepper
Cayenne pepper
Granulated garlic
boneless chicken breasts sliced thin
vegetable oil blended with olive oil or use canola oil

Optional herbs using 1 teaspoon each: rosemary, oregano, basil, grated cheese and parsley for an Italian flavored coating

Large plastic zip lock bag

Place around 2 cups of flour in the bag, add salt, pepper around 1 teaspoon each, dash of cayenne pepper and around 2 teaspoons granulated garlic.  Shake.
Wet chicken with cold water and then drain in a colander.
Shake chicken pieces into the flour mixture.
In a large fry pan heat oil on high then lower to medium when hot.
Fry chicken in oil around 3 minutes on each side depending on thickness getting a nicely browned coating.

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