Big Chocolate Chip Nutella Frosted Cookie Recipe

Thursday, September 24, 2015
Just when you think you thought of everything then this happens. I was in a hurry and didn't want to sit there making all individual cookies. So I used a medium sized round pizza pan and spread the dough on this greased pizza pan. Baked the cookie as one big one and frosted it with Nutella how simple can it get?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe ( use mine, your own or  packages of mix store bought kind to mix to package instructions)
1 greased a pizza round pan

Bake the prepared cookie dough recipe of choice in a pizza round pan on 350 degree oven until the center is set and edges begin to turn brown.

Flip onto a piece of wax paper lined surface big enough to fit the cookie. Cool completely.
Slather on the Nutella. Cut into triangles like pizza wedges and serve on a plate and enjoy.

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  1. Dear Claudia, This sounds perfect with a good cup of black coffee for dessert.
    xoxo Catherine


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