Low Fat Turkey Mock Reuben Sandwich Recipe and Video

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A classic with a low fat twist. I love Reubens. My cholesteral problems have given me a new propective on

how to eat healthier to protect my heart... Here is one low fat sandwich with all the great taste of the original sandwich.

The Classic Mock Reuben.

Low Fat Turkey Reuben Sandwich

thinly sliced low sodium roasted turkey breast
fresh or canned and rinsed sauerkraut
1 package of reduced fat swiss cheese
1 bottle of fat free thousand island dressing
1 loaf of seedless rye bread or seeded whichever you prefer
light canola oil butter or healthy heart smart margarine
canola or olive oil cooking spray
Take two slices of rye bread and lightly spread with choice of above suggestions and place down into the oil sprayed large fry pan or panni make, warming the pan to a medium heat. Layer starting with meat, kraut, dressing, and end with cheese.

Place bread on top and toast on both sides till browned evenly. Serve warm.
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  1. What a rich and tasty sandwich. If it's low fat it's even better ^_^ Bye, have a great day

  2. What a mouthwatering snack!Kisses from Greece,dear!

  3. In seeing this, I am wondering how healthy and happy someone would be if they only ate and prepared your recipes for a month. Also, how much what their counts would change in in regards to cholesterol and blood pressure. I am sure these posts are benefiting people way more than you realize Claudia.
    Your sandwich here is a delicious classic and kudos to you for cutting the fat. I am sure it was not missed at all. Enjoy the day.

  4. Yum! I love any sandwich that has contents oozing out of it.

  5. Proof that low-fat can be delicious!

  6. Please can I come to yours for lunch?!
    You are right, we often cook similar dishes. Surely is our Italian heritage in the genes :-)

  7. Oh, I used to order Reubens ALL the time...but stopped knowing how high in fat they were! This sounds like a wonderful way to get all the same marvelous flavor without all the guilt! Wonderful idea, Claudia!

  8. I love your lightened up reuben sandwich...I would not call it "mock"
    reuben, because the turkey is the only substitution, other then the less fat cheese, but the combination of the flavors sure will make it taste like the real thing!
    I am craving it right now, wish I had the ingredients to make it!

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog!

  9. Dear Claudia, Great twist on an old classic. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  10. Great healthy take on the classic Rueben. All the flavor minus the fat. Never thought to do them in the pininni maker. Good idea.

  11. You know, I am not a fan of corned beef so I think I would like this much better than the original.

  12. That is one gorgeous sandwich, bursting with flavor. It sure doesn't look low fat!


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