Biscuit Mix Cinnamon Rolls

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Cinnamon Rolls are the best smell baking in the morning. I am not one to take all day baking, this is a great alternative for a quick cinnamon roll fix if you
re a fan of them. These are semi home made using a mix and done in around 20 minutes!

I love biscuit cinnamon rolls with or without cream cheese frosting and the smell of them cooking just makes me think of fall and cooler weather. These a a quick alternative to cinnamon rolls in a biscuit. You can make them in a short time with a great old fashioned flavor. We love these rolls with coffee or tea.

these are biscuit cinnamon rolls made in a cupcake tin. These biscuit cinnamon rolls are a semi homemade roll using a mix. The muffins are topped with cinnamon sugar, a glaze and pecans

Potato and Ham Soup

Tuesday, September 4, 2018
If you love potato soup, you will love this easy, quick potato and ham soup! Using leftover ham or even a ham bone, is a great flavor enhancer.

I love repurposing leftovers and this ham made the tastiest potato soup I ever had. The creaminess and rich thick broth is super easy to accomplish without all the added calories.

Scroll down to see this fabulous recipe you can eat guilt free all year long. A simple soup anyone can make.

This is the easiest way to make potato soup. This soup is a potato soup with ham, it's a no fuss soup with vegetables ham and very low in calories. This potato soup has carrots, celery, ham all in a rich creamy broth made all in one pan. This is in a soup cup with vegetable design on it.

Italian Style Goulash

Sunday, August 19, 2018

This is an Italian Style Goulash made with fresh plum tomatoes, beans, pasta and peppers. The Traditional American Goulash has many other spices including paprika in it, no beans and a classic dish using elbow macaroni.
Our Italian Style Goulash is seasoned with fennel and fresh herbs with lean ground beef. It's a hearty stew like soup perfect for a chilly evening. It's almost like a pasta fazool except it has peppers and beans in it. The Cabernet wine gives this sauce it's character.
Scroll down to get this delicious recipe Grandma use to make back in the 1970's.

Italian style goulash is a classic American dish changed into an Italian American sauce. This goulash is filled with the freshest ingredients and easy to make. This goulash Italian style has fresh tomatoes, peppers and garlic in it with hamburger and using ditalini pasta in place of the elbow macaroni. The peppers in this dish are long red peppers sauteed in this pan with hamburger meat . There are also added cannelini beans in this photo