Italian Chocolate Fudge Roll Cookies

Friday, December 6, 2019
Italian Chocolate Fudge Rolls are a must at Christmas time.

These are exactly what they sound like, fudge-filled cookies!

These can be rolled or made into fudge cookie squares just by taking a shortcut and rolling out the dough, adding the filling top with dough, bake and viola cut into squares.

The cookies are so much prettier for the Christmas Holiday so I roll them, a little work but once a year is a must for me.

Italian style rich buttery dough with Fudge baked into a delicious cookie crust!

This is one of those all-time childhood favorite Christmas cookies.

During the holidays we made several cookies maybe you remember some of the 24 cookies recipes in the past I made?

We also loved making copycat Girl Scout Cookies recipes, they are so easy!

Once you make that filling it's hard not to keep eating it before it gets into the dough for the cookies, it's so addicting.

Scroll dough for this easy festive cookie that's great any time of the year but looks beautiful on that Christmas tray and perfect for gift giving!!

This is a recipe on how to make Italian Chocolate Fudge Roll Cookies these are the most decadent filled fudge cookie ever and Italian specialty at Christmas

Edible Sugar Cone Christmas Tree Tutorial

Thursday, December 5, 2019
These Edible Sugar Cone Christmas Tree toppers are easy and fun to use for your cakes or holiday snow scenes all season!

They really are so easy to make, just with some frosting and sugar cones and few decorating tips and you're on your way to the most festive cake you ever decorated.

For those who make candy or gingerbread houses, these are perfect for a Christmas snowy forest of trees.

I left mine plain so you can see how they look but they can be decorated any way you like.

These are sure to melt anyone who loves creative food art.

The kids love to make Reindeer Peanut Butter cookies and the perfect breakfast for the holidays are Cookie Cutter Pancakes, they're so festive for the holiday and easy to do!

We even make sugar cone Easter Baskets for the Easter holiday, they just are so adorable check them out here.

Edible trees are a great project for the family also and the kids just love to decorate them.

Scroll down to the recipe card for instructions.

This is a tutorial on how to make frosted sugar cones turn into Christmas Trees. These trees are covered with powdered sugar to look like snow and placed on cakes. This  is made with sugar cones and how to make the transformation into a tree with green frosting.

Buttermilk Chocolate Drop Cookies

Wednesday, December 4, 2019
When I use buttermilk in my cookie recipes like this chocolate drop cookie, I consider them a gourmet treat.

Everything comes out better with buttermilk in the recipe.

Sure, you probably are thinking biscuits are the normal use for buttermilk right?

I have used it for many other recipes that are over and above better than using regular milk.

Some of the reasons why buttermilk is better are mentioned below.

These cookies are so light buttery and addicting and there are no eggs in this recipe.

These buttermilk chocolate drop cookies are one of my all-time favorites.

These melt in your mouth, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and tender texture with a buttery taste is what makes these a gourmet cookie!

A chocolate lover's delight for sure.

These cookies are so easy to make.

Just mix, drop on a cookies sheet bake and enjoy!

For this fabulous chocolate drop cookie that I make often.

After making these delicious cookies, I always have buttermilk in the refrigerator to cook with, I just love using it!

I love using buttermilk it makes the best pancakes, shortcake and even used for soaking chicken wings before deep frying.

Scroll down to the recipe card and bake a double batch, these won't last long!

this is a rich fudge chocolate cookie made from scratch using buttermilk cooling