School Cafeteria Pizza

Sunday, January 29, 2023
I remember the cafeteria serving up super cheesy rectangles of pizza on a crunchy crust every Friday and the other choices we were given never measured up to this addicting pizza.

Even though this is a very Americanized version and not a Classic Italian Pizza, everyone looked forward to this style on pizza day for our high school lunch.

After graduation, I still craved that pizza day taste and all the fond memories from those childhood days with friends, this pizza always brings me back to those good ole days.

While I'm sure every school cafeteria had its own recipe in each town,  this is a very close replica of how I remember our lunchroom pizza back then and a close copycat to my childhood memory of it.

As far as toppings go, our school only offered a cheese-topped pizza however I realize after the 1970s it may have changed dramatically, so just adapt this recipe to how you remember it.

Back in the day, our school pizza was smothered in a golden yellow grated cheese and came in large style bricks we knew as "Government Cheese" and tasted like a very delicious sharp cheddar and no mozzarella or white cheese.

This cheese was in several other recipes on our school menu including grilled cheese sandwiches, melted on top of baked spaghetti, and used in their macaroni and cheese.

If you were ever a fan of school cafeteria pizza, I think this recipe will pleasantly surprise you and bring back some fun times with classmates to reminisce about while taking that first bite into this pizza recipe.

If you're in a hurry scroll down to the bottom of this page to print off this copycat recipe for this version of school cafeteria pizza.

a large slice of school cafeteria pizza

Slow Cooker Pork or Chicken Stroganoff

Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Slow Cooker Stroganoff can be made with any meat and is so easy you can use anything from beef to frozen meatballs and it comes out great!

Of course, you can stick to classic style beef stroganoff in the original form but I promise you boneless pork, chicken breast and even the meatballs all taste great with our simple ingredients.

This slow cooker recipe is made with beef bouillon, garlic, mushrooms, and a sour cream flurry of deliciousness that creates a fantastic sauce to go over whatever side dish you prefer.

We love this with egg noodles, rice, and even hard crusty bread.

It's really simple to make and of course, won't heat up the house during the summer months and winning comfort food in the winter months.

If you're a creamy sauce lover, this is so tasty and made with simple easy-to-find ingredients in your local supermarket.

We have a printable recipe below that awaits you so just scroll to the bottom to get started and do check our tips.

pork stroganoff

Bistecca Pizzaiola

Sunday, January 22, 2023
If you're a big fan of the Sopranos series then you heard about Bistecca Pizzaiola (Steak Pizzaiol'), which was talked about in one of the popular episodes.

Although a favorite dish of Tony's and Aj's throughout the series, this meal was one I associated with from my own childhood my mom made often.

This recipe is adapted from the Neopolitan style written in the book and my mom's version from her Region in Bari, Italy style.

Carmela Soprano, (who was played by Edie Falco in this series 2007 The Second Coming) introduced this dish in that episode as it is Tony's (who played her husband James Gandolfini, and AJ, Robert Iler who played her son) favorite meal.

Mom's vintage recipe from the 1960s is similar she used a few more spices and a mix of some other Italian fresh herbs ingredients in her dish.

This Steak Pizzaiola Recipe is a guaranteed family favorite when I make it and I've even substituted chicken medallions from time to time we enjoy.

This recipe consists of seasoned boneless steak in a delicious tomato pizzaiola sauce making this dish an irresistible dinner everyone at the table will love even with any leftovers in a sandwich.

It's the perfect weeknight meal because it cooks up quickly and is even perfect for hosting a dinner party.

The Soprano cookbook and recipes created by Michele Scicolone are a great addition to my recipe cookbook collection a hobby from childhood as I like reading and comparing different styles of cooking.

Being a huge fan of the Soprano series I would be remiss not to mention the story that warmed my heart.

Scroll down to our printable recipe card to give mom's delicious pizzaiola a try.

this is steak in a pan with tomato sauce