Rum Bundt Cake

Friday, December 2, 2022
Mom always made this rum cake around the holidays and certainly the most asked-for cake among adult guests.

This rum cake is a moist super tasty cake drenched in a simple sugar buttery rum glaze.

The longer it sits the stronger in rum and the better the flavors meld together however it's doubtful it will last long enough.

Mom used a dark rum most of the time it was a Bacardi brand back in the 1970s however through the years we also have dabbled in spiced rum and even other liqueurs the cake is very versatile.

The cake freezes well and can be made ahead of time, perfect for taking to an invited dinner party or hosting any holiday adult party.

I love doctored cake mixes like this one and it can be dressed to the nines to look like it's homemade although we know it starts with a mix.

The recipe is super easy to make in any bundt pan fancy or plain, it will come out perfect.

We have even made a chocolate version, as you can substitute some of the ingredients below and make it a whole different recipe.

If you're not a rum fan, you can also substitute another liqueur like bourbon, or for a nonalcohol use a rum-flavored coffee syrup.

We love making easy cakes with a cake mix and fooling everyone and this one tastes like a scratch cake.

I have made delicious Sour Cream Coffee Cupcakes using a cake mix, cookies, and even a Scrumptious Banana Cake Mix Cake that all taste like they were from scratch!

Scroll down to the printable recipe card for this delicious dark rum glazed easy doctored cake mix recipe!

Yellow Cake Mix Variety Cookies

Thursday, December 1, 2022
If you're pressed for time with a busy lifestyle, this Yellow Cake Mix Variety Cookie will be perfect for on-the-go folks who need large quantities of cookies for a bake sale, cookie exchange, or holiday gift giving.

Just one doctored cake mix will be transformed using one cookies dough divided to make a variety of  all different flavors easily.

Our three combinations consist of Lemon and White chocolate, Chocolate Chip with Coconut and Maraschino Cherry with Almond.

The cookies looked so pretty frosted with white or chocolate icing or just sprinkled with a dusting of powdered sugar on them.

These cake mix cookies stay nice and moist, are very light in texture, and with a few mix-ins like chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles, or dried fruits, you can create all different kinds with our tips and suggestions below.

This easy-to-make cookie recipe can also be made with also flavors, and brands you prefer of cake mixes, however, to get a vast variety we usually choose a yellow or a white mix to start off with.

Our cake mix cookies are a great addition to your recipe collection when you need a large amount and are in a hurry, using all simple pantry ingredients.

For a festive Christmas cookie just frost and decorate them with colorful holiday-themed sprinkles or just tint the dough with food coloring.

The cookies are great to bake for that last-minute parties and will take half the time to make all those different kinds just with one dough and one mix.

If you love easy doctored cake mix recipes try our Turtle Cake Mix Brownies, Sour Cream Coffee Cake Mix Cupcakes, and our Half Moon Cake Mix Cookies we make often.

Scroll down to the recipe card and don't forget to read my tips and suggestions that have some creative ideas for other flavored cake mixes.

cookies made with a cake mix

Italian Bakery Butter Cookies

Sunday, November 27, 2022
These super pretty Italian Bakery Butter Cookies or (jelly sticks) are s delicious butter cookies the ones you usually find behind the glass in an Italian bakery.

Using a pastry tube or a cookie press/gun is a useful tool in the kitchen to get them to look professional in shapes and one of the tricks and tips.

There are two recipes below for Italian butter cookies, the ones that are cut out with a cookie cutter are sturdier for holiday-themed shapes to decorate.

Finally, use a pastry bag with the largest star tip to make long stick shapes, wreaths, or cookie guns for other forms.

Cookies with butter can be very fragile, do not over-mix the dough, and use the largest pastry star tip to make nice ridges that look like bakery-style cookies.

These various shapes that come with the cookies press make the perfect addition to any Wedding Cookie Tray, Christmas, or any special occasion.

We enjoy all kinds of cookies and make several different kinds for the holiday season we call it the One-Stop Cookie Shop or you may like a Basic Variety Dough that makes all kinds of cookies with one dough to try.

Scroll down to my printable recipe card for both Italian Bakery Butter Cookies and Italian Butter Cutout Cookie recipes.

a plate of butter cookies