Vegetarian Chili over Rice

Friday, February 1, 2019
I make all kinds of chili all year long but my favorite is an all vegetarian chili over rice. This chili is sure to be pure comfort food with so many delicious ways to use it. Just check out the many suggestions below.

This hearty chili has so many wholesome ingredients added to it. It will satisfy all your family and friends who love chili, and they won't miss the meat!

Scroll down to the recipe card to see how you can make one recipe into many different meals to feed a large family or crowd for any party, sporting event or even picnic!

This chili was done in an instant pot or you can use the directions below for a slow cooker and even in a big saucepot.

A healthy alternative to a dieter when choosing the ingredients carefully and the beans are a much-needed protein.

this is a vegetarian chili in a Mexican style bowl over white rice. The top has a garnish of parsley. The chili is all homemade made in an instant pot in a delicious tomato sauce.

Air Fryer Banana S'mores

Friday, January 18, 2019

Air Fryer desserts are fabulous! I love fried bananas and was thinking why not make them in the air fryer? These were so delicious and the ease of these Air fried banana s'mores are the perfect fast dessert.

They sure keep summer alive all year long. Perfect for parties, picnics with just a few ingredients.

The melted chocolate, marshmallows, and little cereal bits are a decadent dessert you will make often!

We love to make these for guests even in the winter time around the fire pit in our yard. It's a fun sweet treat that everyone loves and brings out the kid in you.

The kids love these banana s'mores they really make everyone smile. Scroll down and get this easy to make Air Fryer recipe and don't forget to watch the quick video!

these are how to make Air Fryer Banana S'mores. This dessert can be made in minutes and very easy. It is filled with chocolate, marshmallows and cereal topping that is melted after air fried.

Air Fried Tacos

Saturday, December 29, 2018
These air fryer tacos are a healthier version of a deep fried taco with all the best flavors. They are easily made with a flour tortilla, filled, rolled and air fried.
A low carb easy innovative way to cook in no time. You can also cut calories by using cooking oils. Air frying still remains, crunchy and tastes great. Check out this easy recipe for an Air fried taco that similar in taste to a chimichanga made healthy!
A true example of delicious Mexican American food made easy and fast with a few ingredients.

these are an air fried taco on a white plate . A healthy fried taco with a chicken and refried bean filling inside a flour torilla then air fried in  the air fryer. These also have parsley on the plate with hot sauce as a garnish.