Refrigerator Dough Food Bombs

Saturday, April 20, 2024
Refrigerator dough, black forest ham, and a block of cubed sharp cheddar are the start of making these outrageously fun little food bombs.

The dough is found in the dairy section and comes in tubes all you have to do is unroll it, fill it, and bake your bombs and these couldn't be easier to make or more delicious.

The dough is versatile with many filling possibilities and is perfect for a quick lunch, snack, or party finger food!

The fillings can be endless with ideas, from all vegetables to meat combinations of your favorite and these can be served warm as they are or with your favorite Dipping Sauce.

Take a stroll through all the wonderful filling suggestions below and if you're in a hurry hit print on our recipe card below and avoid the ads.

little food dough bombs filled with meats, cheese and vegetables

Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

Friday, April 12, 2024
This buttery combination of coffee in the popular chocolate chip cookie is one of the most unique combinations of flavors that make this delicious batter.

Using instant espresso coffee granules really enhances the flavor of these chocolate chips, and there isn't a perfect addition to your morning cup of Joe.

We love to experiment with different flavors and coffee is the clear winner for our family.

This recipe is super simple and any dark, milk, or chocolate chips can be added plus these are a nice change to the traditional Bakery Style Chocolate Chips Cookie recipes.

If you are a cookie jar cookie lover, do try my family's Everything Cookies, Chocolate Chip Shortbread recipe, Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe, and oatmeal cookies!

Scroll down to this easy recipe and give them a try and to avoid the ads just hit print on that printable card at the end of this post!

coffee flavored chocolate chips

Cast Iron Italian Ribeye Steaks

Thursday, April 11, 2024
The easiest way to prepare a steak indoors with great flavors is in a cast iron pan; we have made them this way for years.

With just a few simple steps you will have a great tasting charred gridded steak on your plate in just minutes and we also included several other cooking methods.

We make all kinds of recipes with steak; some of our favorites are Italian Sauce Steak, Steak Marsala, and Salisbury Steak.

Scroll down to my easy instructions for this printable recipe and to avoid ads, hit print and they will disappear.