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Traditional Sunday Sauce The Next Generation Curt's Guest Post

Curt's Traditional Sunday Sauce "The Next Generation"

Traditional Sunday Sauce "The Next Generation", is my son's Curt's version! This has three kinds of meats, boneless fried spare ribs (shown),  Italian homemade Sausage and Italian Sunday morning meatballs inside this bubbling pot of wonderful sauce. Inspired by my mom Margaret Fanelli Colenzo and Grandma Victoria Ferraro Colenzo. He took both their methods and adapted it to his own.  A very thick, delicious sauce, with fresh pureed plum tomatoes, fresh herbs and lots of meat, slowly cooked for a minimun of two hours.

Freshly made sausage mom's recipe.
Nothing smells better or tastes like fresh tomatoes besides if they were home grown tomatoes!
This was all done in my new kitchen, I am so proud of him, he really made a fabulous sauce. We always wonder why you can follow any recipe, everyone's sauce tastes so different, no two tastes are alike following the same recipe! My contribution today was frying all the meats and making Homemade Artisan Bread, rising in the background!

Frying the tomato paste in extra virgin olive oil and fresh garlic gives the sauce added flavor.

I told him to write everything down before he forgets, he throws it all in there just like my mom did, his great grandma and of course he learned from me too ! I told him a pinch of this and a pinch of that, every one pinches a different amount!!... so you will have to decide! He just laughed!

4 lbs fresh Roma (plum) Tomatoes pureed, skins on, stems cut off
1 small can tomato paste
2 cloves of garlic cut in halves
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon oregano
1 sprig of fresh parsley
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoon Locatelli grated cheese
1 quart of Burgundy Wine
Pinch of cayenne pepper,  coarse salt and black pepper
2 fresh Italian basil leaves we keep them in the freezer click here
1 teaspoon garlic powder
In a small fry pan fry garlic halves in 2 tablespoons of olive oil add paste. Fry until well blended. Set aside.
In a large saucepot, add 2 tablespoons olive oil, add tomatoes, stir in wine, cheese and remaining ingredients. Add the tomato paste and garlic. Cook for 2 hours on medium heat, stirring often. Add any  meats you desire suggestions below. Serve over your favorite pasta. We chose our homemade Cavatelli's recipe, we both were celebrating a long work week and being off all together to share this special meal together!

Homemade Cavatelli, Fresh Plum Tomato Sunday Traditional Sauce " The Next Generation"! Meatballs, Sausage(recipes below) and Boneless Spare Ribs... Locatelli Shredded Cheese, Parsley... and there you have it!

Sunday Morning Fried Italian Meatballs
Braciole (stuffed meat rolls) with Video
Homemade Italian Sausage


  1. great recipe,congrats ,curt!
    and the pics are so beautiful!

  2. very fantastic sauce!!! tipically italian my mother make it in the same way

  3. Fried spare ribs?? I'm liking this new generation....

  4. Hey Claudia,
    Do you ship?? This sauce and all the meats in it are sone special treat for sure! Saving this one for the next time we need a big Sunday dinner!

  5. Grand job - I always use a lot of bones - the fried spare ribs is inspiring. The idea that one can find fresh plum tomatoes makes me weak. How I miss them. That thick, rich sauce would have a place of honor at my table.

  6. While we didn't generally make our own sausage, this is so like my own family recipe for Sunday sauce. Ours had to have neck bones for flavor, but spare ribs often made their way into the pot. And homemade cavatelli reminded me of the Easter my mom and I made 5 pounds. My hands were like dead weights the next day. A delicious Sunday meal--or any day, for that matter.

  7. lovely post delicious to dip with bread

  8. Looks delicious, curt you are amazing cook. Nice sauce recipe

  9. Did I mention that I often with I was Italian? Traditions like making "Sunday Sauce" filled with awesome meats and tossed over fresh pasta makes me want to adopt these for myself. Great job to your son for adapting the family recipes :) Looks like a feast!

  10. Claudia, I'm first trying to get over the shock of the fact that your son is no child...he's looks like he's old enough to take over the kitchen! Now, why in the world did I think you had very young kids? It must be that you and Hubby look so young!

    Anyhow...back to that very appetizing sauce...whatever the pinch he used or which now certainly is now his own...congrats Curt ;o)

    Have a great day,

  11. Yum, what a fantastic looking sauce! I have some frozen meatballs I need to use, this is a good inspiration!

  12. I need that delicious sauce for my pasta on weekend!! This will be on the table soon :)



  13. just look at that smile on Curt's face (1st pic) as he breathes in that aroma... great job - love the techniques and the love going into this renewed family tradition...

  14. What a great post and what a great mom you must have been to your son - cause he turned out pretty awesome. I love that he made this meal with you. Looks delicious and I LOVE the title he gave it!

  15. This is delicious, so so italian!
    I made this one last week.

  16. Oh, that looks wonderful! Curt will need his own blog soon (wish my children showed even a wee interest in cooking!). Congratulations on raising such a gifted and thoughtful son!!!

    PS...I eat oatmeal bread nearly every nice that it's lowered your cholesterol! YAY!

  17. How insanely delicious and how sweet that he is combining recipes and coming up with his own version! I agree with everyone about the spare ribs, that's truly inspired.

  18. This looks so delicious. Curt has mad skills! I could eat this meal right now. Wonderful!

  19. Wow Claudia, Wish my boys cooked as Curt does. RED does some cooking but not like this. Curt reminds me of my brother in the kitchen, especially the first picture, so intense!

  20. Do you jar and sell that sauce?!? I want 20 jars. :)

    Great job, Curt!

  21. This is Absolutely delicious! I just want little piece..looks fantastic and I believe that is sooo tasty! Nicely Done!!!

  22. Claudia, I love your version of Sunday Sauce or gravy as some Italian-Americans call it. It must make you feel so fantastic that your son is enjoying the art of cooking, especially your family recipes! My adult kids each have their own cookbook that I add recipes to every year and they'e become quite good gourmands! It does my heart proud! LOL!

  23. Love how your son is carrying on the tradition of the sauce! I've never heard of ribs in a sauce! I am so intrigued. I love every ingredient used, so authentic and full of love. Very enjoyable read- awesome job, Curt!

  24. A sauce like that with home made cavatelli?! Yours is a sweet life Claudia!!

  25. Beautiful rich and I imagine beautifully fragrant :)

  26. I can smell that pot of sauce simmering from here---nothing like it! The cavatelli looks beautiful.

  27. Looks like a very appetizing sauce. You must be proud of your son!

  28. You do need to research your family tree, there must be ties to numerous generations of great cooks. You knew some of them but I am sure there are many more you can discover!
    Glad to see Curt bringing us your traditional family recipes with his own special twist.
    The sauce looks amazing as well as the last picture of that plating-delicious! Great teamwork. Enjoy the weekend!

  29. Looks fantastic what with garlic and burgundy :) Great to see a whole family cook together!

  30. Your Sunday supper puts most Sunday suppers to shame--absolutely mouthwatering!

  31. Your sauce looks amazing! I can't wait for September when we make our annual batch.


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