Chocolate Dipped Spoons for Holiday and Gift Giving Ideas

I can't begin to tell you the fun I had making these! I felt like a kid just going crazy over the fun ideas to create with these spoons.  There are so many endless possibilities
for gift giving, party favors and much more by making these!  These may be the new Cookie Pop!  I loved making these more! (Psst, oh I must confess I am actually not a fan of cookie pops at all. So these win hands down, fun, exciting to see everyone adore their individual personalized  party spoons and they really did put a smile on everyones face!
Using colored spoons, tinted white chocolate or using dark chocolate just starts one of many endless
 delightful treats ahead and the kids will love them too!
 Get your creativity with imagination going for all your upcoming Holiday and party events.

Adapted from the Bakers Chocolate Recipe Website on Tips:

1 bag Chocolate Melts or good grade chocolate for dipping
1 bag of White Chocolate Melts for melting (Wilton makes all different colors and easy melting instructions)

1 bag of melting chocolate coats 16 spoons

plastic spoons or metal if you like, using a color to coordinate for your party and event theme (they come in all colors and you can find inexpensive ones at the dollar store)
parchment paper to insure it will not stick
cookie sheet

Fill spoon with filling of choice:

Assorted fillings suggestions: ( use candy bars IE,  musketeers, milky way, snickers, peanut butter cups, nutella, marshmallow fluff, or anything you can like to fill the center with even rice krispie treats works well to fill then dip)

Melt chocolate to directions on the package.  At this point if you want to use a filling, add to the center of the spoon.  Dip the spoon one at a time into the melted chocolate. Coat the spoon just to the bottom end of the spoon edge. Shake gently to remove excess. Place on a parchment paper coated cookie sheet and place in the refrigerator until set around 20 minutes or so. See party and gift giving ideas below or just wrap individually with plastic wrap. Tie with coordinating colored ribbons and tags.

I made these for my first grandchild's Baby Shower,
 his theme was disney cars.

What a great baby shower party favor to make to the color of whatever the child will be

Note: A great idea for any upgraded spoon gift,  would be to buy metal or ceramic spoons to be filled and dipped,
it would be a great gift for any occasion and event you choose to make them for!
Tips: Decorate your chocolate spoon on top with some Royal Icing using your party themes by using frosting writing tips found in a party store or grocery store. Some ideas to write on them would be special birthday ages, names, it's a boy, it's a girl, special events, Wedding Anniversaries, milestones, holly berries for Christmas, snowman, bells, for Easter bunny and Halloween, pumpkins, spider drawings, ghosts or R.I. P. sayings for Halloween, there are many options. Make sure you dry them completely before wrapping and it is recommended to use a royal icing that hardens quickly.

You can also use silk small rose or other flowers, use edible glitters with silver or gold ball sugar decorations for Weddings and Showers wrapped in colored cellophane or toole netting. Plastic rings (IE spiders for Halloween, bells for Christmas or Bridal gold and silver rings) that will go around the base of the spoon. You can buy most of these at your local party house stores.

Give these out for Halloween treats!  These are filled with chocolate fudge.

Great gifts at work or friends at the office! These were filled with peppermint pattie filling.
Use white chocolate melted instead of dark chocolate. Tinted with the theme for the event or party color. Or use a flavored chocolate for Christmas like mint. See other suggestions for filling them below.

IDEA: Fill the centers of the spoons with these suggestions first before dipping:  fondant, fudge, truffle candy or Nutella, whole nuts, marshmallow fluff before dipping in chocolate for a great gift treat assortment. Any of your favorite candy bars, snickers, mounds, musketeers, milky way, peanut butter cup or use a truffle recipe below to make them extra special.

Keep them simple:  Spoons dipped in just chocolate unfilled, can be flavored first with any type of extracts you like. What kind of coffee are you pairing it up, tea or hot cocoa? Maybe add some almond extract, cinnamon or peppermint to the chocolate while melting it, depending on who and what it's for.

Other ideas for gifts:
Attach a bag of premix cocoa powder to the handle with ribbons. Make you spoons dipped in cinnamon and chocolate mixed, a delicious combination for cocoa!
Attach white baby breath silk flowers to the handle, gold rings and tie with white ribbon for a wedding favors using white chocolate on gold or silver spoons.
Place the decorated wrapped spoon and place inside coffee cup  tied with pretty ribbons and add their favorite packaged, tea, coffee or cocoa.

This gift spoon has been filled with hazelnuts mixed with Nutella then dipped in chocolate and wrapped. The gift cup shown contains a package of Hazelnut coffee, one filled dipped spoon and  one mini Biscotti cookie package in the bottom. Use the spoons to just dip to stir their coffee, tea or cocoa with for a delicious cup of sweetness! You can even flavor the chocolate with almond extract or other favorite flavoring.
Charity Events:

Make them for Charity events to raise money, IE  Breast Cancer Awareness Month using the symbol in pink on white dipped spoons. You can make them for any fundraiser event.

For my beautiful niece Pamela Colenzo Ward's battle fighting Breast Cancer. These were for her benefit they had to raise awareness.

Hope enjoy making these as much as I did I look forward to seeing what your creations will be!
Have a great Holiday season and hope you loved reading this post as much as I enjoyed making these and writing it!

Try some of these delicious truffle recipes for your fillings:

Curt's Nutter Butter Truffles
Hazelnut Truffles
White Chocolate Truffles
Oreo Cookie Truffles

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