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Valentine's Day Desserts and More Recipes Rewind

Just absolutely delicious! Happy Valentines Day! Strawberry Frapp
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White Chocolate Covered Strawberries!
Fresh Fruit Tops This Coconut Cream Pie Filling (New Post 2011)
Happy Valentines Day!

1 pie crust recipe or store bought baked into a 8 or 9 inch heart shaped pan (spray with light cooking oil) cooled, remove from pan
1 jar of triple berry ice cream topping or blackberry jam warmed for 30 seconds in the microwave
fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackberries or strawberries
1 package of homemade coconut cream pudding or packaged vanilla cooked with 1/2 cup coconut added cooled
1 container of whipped topping

Fill heart cooled crust with pudding. Top with fresh berries, sliced thin and arrange on top of pudding, brush with triple berry topping. In a small zip lock bag snip one end and add whipped cream piped around the heart, sprinkle with colored sugar and serve.
          A favorite drink to to celebrate with you sweetheart Raspberry Champagne 
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Godiva Chocolate Amaretto Frappichino

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All Kinds of Trifles in 5 minutes


  1. A beautiful and sweet roundup.
    Happy Valentine's Day, Claudia!

  2. Hi Claudia, Happy Valentine's Day to you. All the dessert look so delectable and mouth watering. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

    Have a great week ahead,regards.

  3. Happy Valentines Day with delicious sweet desserts.

  4. Dear Claudia, It is so good to be writing to you.
    I am borrowing a computer and enjoying every minute visiting. I miss you and all of the dear friends in this community. It is nothing short of beautiful the bond that is made in this blogging world. Thank you for visiting and for your encouraging words. Each day is a little better. There have been many baby steps but each one is a little progress and that is encouraging. This does make your a stronger person and brings you even closer to your faith. It puts life right in your face to see.
    Thank you so very much again for visiting and encouraging me. You will never know how much it means to me.
    Your desserts look wonderful. I wish we could share a cup of coffee and any one of those delicious desserts.
    Happy Valentine's Day and blessings.
    xoxo Catherine

  5. Oh Claudia, Such mouthwatering desserts…be still my heart! I wouldn’t know which one to choose!! They all look amazing!!

  6. Oh Claudia, Such mouthwatering desserts…be still my heart! I wouldn’t know which one to choose!! They all look amazing!!


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