Hurricane Tips and Preparation

Amazing what can be in store when a storm is coming your way. Being prepared is key. If you are in an area that has tropical storms, this post will give you some of the important
tips to follow.

As we were waiting in 2016 for Hurricane Matthew to hit on October 6th and 7th, we began preparing the shutters on the doors, getting everything necessary to stay inside for a few days to include non refrigerated foods, lots of water. Fill the bathtub, drain the pool 2 or 3 inches. The unplug anything that could be a possible power surge like laptops, any extra tv and other electronics that wont work in a power outage. We packed just in case putting  all our valuables in a plastic container to include all important paperwork needed after the storm. Don't forget any medications. Also place things higher in the home wrapped in plastic that can get water damage. This is a bit stressful to say the least. I like to cook when I am stressed and knew if it was coming I was losing alot so I started to make what I could. Some of them in the photo below.

The storm strengthened and Melbourne Florida (which is Brevard County) became the target of this huge storm. The news continued to say it would make landfall here. 

Now the valuables, packed suitcases ready to go and pets packed in pet carriers were all we took to evacuate. House was secured. It's always a guessing game on where it lands but packing a category 4 or 5 strength, there was no way we wanted to take the chance. 
Back in 2004 we got hit by Jeanne and Frances. Both storms damaged our home with a total of around 50k in loss. Grateful it was only material things and we were not harmed as we stayed. 
The storm sounded like a freight training going through and pounding against the house for over 19 hours. This time I wasn't staying for that stressful night and praying for the best outcome for everyone in our state.
We did evacuate and drove to Fort Myers and stayed with family. 

Our cousin's home, Karen and Bill, they were gracious hosts and offered to accommodate our family in their home. We truly  are blessed to have them in our lives here, we appreciated their hospitality. My husband, son Curt,  daughterinlaw Jenni and both grandchildren Antonio and Talia packed up and left. We also brought all three cats in carriers. Trina, Fonzo and Regina. Remember in storms hotels book quickly make arrangements early you always cancel if you don't have to evacuate.

My other son Chad stayed behind and secured his home and waited it out. He is fascinated by storms as a hobby and kept us up to date along with checked out home after the storm as he was completely untouched by damages.

Every time we have these storms I learn a little more on what we need more of. Batteries are never enough and flashlights. 
Water is never enough because if you have a boil water alert you use it for even brushing your teeth. I had a case for each person.
The tub should be filled for sponge baths.
Cell phone portable chargers charged ahead of time. Of course you can sit in your car and charge the battery also.
Landline phones if you have service they have to be corded
You will have no tv or internet in a power outage unless it's satellite and stays stable. Buy a portable weather radio.

Get an extra tank of propane for your gas grill to cook on.
Power outages are very inconvenient for sure, get led candles to put in the bathrooms, closets and other darker areas. 

Fill those gas cans have at least 3 - 5 gallon pails or more everyone runs out of gas at the pumps.

Cook as much food as you can ahead of time and buy ice to keep in a cooler you're going to lose it without a generator.

Don't throw out soda plastic 2 liter bottles and milk container.  Fill with water and freeze them. They will keep the freezer cold much longer.

Buy extra pet food. Kitty litter if you have a cat.
Cakes, cookies, muffins, bagels, peanut butter, jelly, tuna, bread. Get foods that do not need refrigeration.
Get disposable plates, cup, plastic forks and spoons. 
We have a gas grill with a side burner to make coffee on it in the morning. Buy an iron cast skillet and camping coffee pot.

Gas up the cars.
We got to our destination safely. Glad to report we had minimal damages, screens ripped and frame to the screen enclosure was the worst that happened and we were grateful. It took 3 days to get power back on and we had a boil water order.
The after effects are hard to deal with. Cleanup, roadblocks, no traffic lights, diversions, boil water orders, everything is closed. Remember it can take much longer to get power back. Preparing is key.

The beach side had massive damage and this storm continued North damaging one area after another. These storms should never be taken lightly. Prepare, be safe and listen to direction. Life is too precious to take chances. Thankful they were wrong and it stayed on shore no one is ever certain what the outcomes will be.

Hope this helps someone out there that ever has to prepare for a storm and new to Florida or other places Hurricanes can happen.
Any questions I will be happy to answer. I have never left until this one. I will always leave the area when it's higher than a category 2.
Thanks for reading. Grateful here in Melbourne Florida and very fortunate, good luck to all my readers.


Diane Peak said...

Why do you drain the pool?

claudia lamascolo said...

@DianePeak if you see the photo that pool was half full. After the storm it is to the top. You will risk flooding in the house and pool overflowing if you dont drain it. Also if you have patio furniture you can throw it in the pool when there is a storm so it doesn't fly through the enclosures if you have screening. We had 9 to 12 inches of rain that would have caused a flood if we didnt drain the pool. Great question thanks.

Diane Peak said...

Thanks for your answer. Now I understand. I live in the Midwest, and have never had to deal with hurricaines!!