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Quick Graham Cracker Tarts Recipe

What better way to satisfy your guests than have an assortment of pies that takes around 5 minutes to assemble and prepare?
Well this is the way to do it. All these pies have pre made ingredients and takes no time at all and you will have the best desserts at the dinner party. Perfect for taking to a picnic or when having a large party. Whether you like chocolate, coconut, banana or lemon you are sure to please everyone. I remember as a little girl we actually played a game called pies. It was my favorite game and I always picked coconut! What was your favorite? Do you remember that game?

Quick Graham Cracker Tarts Recipe 

12 Store bought mini graham cracker crusts
individual 4  pre made packs of snack pack puddings (suggestions  2 chocolate,  2 lemon,  2 vanilla or butterscotch )

Suggestion pies and combinations:

You can use the lemon by itself and top with meringue and lemon sliced dipped in sugar. Chocolate with whipped cream and top with candy bars crushed. Banana cream with vanilla pudding and sliced bananas. Coconut cream adding shredded coconut to the vanilla pudding.
Butterscotch by itself top with whipped cream add sprinkles on top.

Toppings for filling suggestions:

flaked coconut and extra for garnishing
(There are many more to choose from use your favorites and imagination to create some delicious pies!)
2 sliced bananas for filling and more for garnish
whipped cream or whipped topping
chocolate syrup
chocolate curls
candy bars crushed
lemon wedges

Mix 2 containers in a small bowl of  the vanilla individual snack pack puddings with 1/4 cup coconut set aside. Mix 2 more vanilla containers with 1 sliced banana, set aside.  Fill individual crusts with coconut cream, then another one with banana cream, top them with whipped cream and garnish with what the theme is, more coconut on top of the cream or bananas for the banana cream.

Take some of the other crusts and add chocolate pudding to them and top with whipped cream, garnish with chocolate curls or chocolate syrup.

Beat 1/2 cup of the eggs whites with  3 tablespoons sugar electric mixer until stiff to make meringue.

Add the lemon pudding to crust and top with meringue. Broil meringue until light brown on 400 degree hot oven watching carefully for around 2 minutes. Top with lemon slice after its cooled.
Refrigerate all pies until ready to serve.

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  1. What a great idea! The time you save can be used to make beautiful garnishes!!


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