5 Minute Trifle and Video Hangout Recipes

Monday, February 11, 2013
5 minute trifles are all about easy to make desserts for every individual taste.
You can choose from the chocolate lover to the decadent cheesecake or sponge cake lovers. The secret is to start with the crust of your favorite cookie, cake or brownie, build your dessert with fruits, puddings and toppings your love. Interested yet? Watch our first video below. My son and I will give you plenty of ideas and I am sure you will taylor them to your families cravings. Using cookies, fruits, nuts coconut, chocolates and more!

We made a Nutella brownie pudding trifle that was my very favorite of all! Layers of chocolate brownies spread with Nutella, chocolate pudding, topped with a
Nutella dipped strawberry and raspberry filled chocolate candy!
Coconut vanilla pudding and graham cracker trifle.
A banana cream trifle.
Oatmeal cookie with cinnamon sugar, butterscotch pudding and toasted almonds. The last trifle we made was lemon pudding, blueberries with coconut topped whipped cream.
Choose your garnishes with filled chocolate or chocolate chips, nuts of your choice, ice cream toppings, or fresh fruits like strawberries dipped in Nutella.


  1. A fast but very tasty dessert. Amazing solution :) Bye, have a good week

  2. Hi Claudia, your trifle look so tempting and delicious. Great video, thanks for sharing.

    Have a great week ahead, regards.

  3. Cute desserts! perfect for my kids that like different things. Good job with the video!


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