Mock Brownie Tiramisu and The Balancing Act Tv Segment Experience

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kraft Foods-Bakers Chocolate Blogger Recipe... by THEBALANCINGACT

Recently, I was thrilled to find out my video won the grand prize in a contest! I won television appearance on "The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV. The prize was also money and lots of Baker's Chocolate from Kraft! These were some photo's below while we practiced! A real exciting day for me. I was also so happy to have my family share this day with me, my Husband Nemo, son Curt Iffert and my brother John Colenzo were all in the audience. This was such a fun experience. I started out just thinking I would never win when I entered and then when I got the email that said I was the winner, I was shocked, I couldn't believe it! I always wanted to make my mom proud by cooking with her teachings and being this blog is dedicated to her memory and recipes ( R.I.P. Margaret Ann Fanelli Colenzo) this was a great tribute to her. She would have been so proud of this accomplishment because she has always been first and foremost my inspiration, teacher and continued motivation to do this blog, I only wish she was still here to see her cooking lives on in me. Working full time, blogging and then having won this certainly makes it all worth while! I am truly grateful to the fans and readers that made this possible by their votes.
Thank you all so much!

This is Joyce, she is the representative for Kraft Foods and bakers Chocolate. Great talking with her and sharing Baker's Chocolate history together.

                                                           Jill Balancing Acts Hair Stylist


My son Curt Iffert, Joyce, myself, my husband Nemo and my brother John Colenzo
Thank you Kristy for being such a gracious host and to Baker's Chocolate and Kraft Company, The Balancing Act, my family supporting me and especially my voters,
 readers that made this possible,
 I really enjoyed this opportunity!

Here's the winning recipe CLICK LINK BELOW:

Mock Brownie Tiramisu

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