Candy Sugar Mold Recipe

Saturday, January 18, 2014

You can make many cute decorations using sugar art. I love it for the ease. There is really nothing on mastering this easy art work and you can turn ordinary cakes into the perfect theme or event you need in minutes if you have molds that go into the microwave read on. This one is going in the middle of a blue ambrosia salad for my baby shower.
Ambrosia Salad in blue with colored mini marshmallows,
also with tinted blue coconut.

1 cup sugar
1 tablespoon water (do not use more water it is suppose to look like moist sand)
candy molds
food coloring of choice and  flavoring oils
lollipop sticks if using the mold I have

Add the sugar to a bowl with 1 drop of coloring to the tablespoon of water (and 1 drop of flavoring oil is using) add more drops depending how dark you want this. Stir or shake in jar until well blended together.
Use a spoon to fill and pack down the sugar into the molds. If making the stick before adding the last layer of sugar over the top check the opposite side of the mold to see if the stick shows through lift the stick up towards you slightly and fill again packing down firmly. Scrape off any access sugar around the edges of the molds. Now there are two methods of drying.
 The first one is to dry the sugar overnight or over a few days. The second method is if you have purchased microwave safe molds( as I have) then microwave every 30 seconds around 3 times depending on how large the molds are (2 times for small ones,) resting in between for a minute, then microwave 30 more seconds. Cool briefly and see if they are rock hard in to the touch, if so then try and pop them out then dry completely.

I use the molds that have a place to add a stick which are lollipop molds and I use them to stick in cakes or cupcakes for the cutest themes and decorations.

You can purchase most molds at the dollar store or party stores and make pretty molded sugar cubes with them.

Great for baby showers and weddings, school projects or just because you want heart shaped sugar cubes to go into your coffee. Just decorate your favorite shapes by piping some frosting, adding some mini chocolate chips for the eyes and your done! Decorate for all occassions in coordinating colors for all your food projects.

The great thing about sugar cubes is if stored properly you can really keep them indefinitely!  Have fun....

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