Wagon Wheel Pasta and Peas

Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Wagon Wheel Pasta and Peas is an easy, hearty dinner to make for the whole family and very economical.

This is a delicious homemade tomato sauce rich in flavor and easy to make.

The pot simmers quickly with a fresh tomato sauce with just the right spice, garlic,  to make a delicious fresh tasting sauce with peas or even another bean you prefer.

This meal has very fond memories that remind me of my grandmother who always liked to add a fun-shaped pasta for us children when we were very young.

Just cook your favorite pasta to go along with the sauce like ditalini, baby shells, or another small macaroni you prefer we just happened to love wagon wheel pasta.

If you have meat lovers you can add cooked sausage, or sliced pepperoni, we have some suggestions below for a delicious one-pan meal.

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Scroll down to get this easily printable recipe with step-by-step instructions.

pasta sauce and peas

Italian Roasted Red Skinned Potatoes

Sunday, May 15, 2022
If you're a fan of red-skinned potatoes we have just the recipe for you to make with an Italian and Herb Parmesan coating you're going to love.

Making any kinds of potatoes with the skins still remaining on is an easy side with less prepping to do plus the benefit of extra vitamins leaving them on.

The coating is bursting with a crispy outside using Italian breadcrumbs and garlic herb coating in flavor to make this side dish pair perfectly with any meal you're preparing.

We love using our homemade Seasoning salt that has the perfect blend of spices.

Of course, if you're not a fan of the red-skinned potato you can use any kind, however, but you probably googled red-skinned potatoes since you landed here right?

Our combination has grated cheese plus herbs, and garlic to make these roasted potatoes taste off the charts delicious then garnished with toasted breadcrumbs, they because the most asked for potato with all meals!

We also loved these as breakfast potatoes and if there are any leftovers, mom would repurpose them into scrambled eggs for a delicious Italian Potato Frittata.

Perfect for large parties, taking to picnics and so easy no-fuss potatoes to throw together quickly just scroll past all the tips and tricks to the end for a printable copy of this recipe.

roasted herb red skinned potatoes

Picnic Pork Roast Marsala Recipe

Friday, May 13, 2022
This Picnic Pork Roast Marsala is fork-tender and with just a few ingredients one of the best tasting affordable meats you can make to feed a large family.

We love all kinds of pork roast and you can use a pork butt, or pork shoulder as well as this picnic cut of pork for this recipe.

This recipe requires garlic, marsala wine, and a few basic vegetables for an all-in-one-pan family meal.

While baking the meat and the juices are sealed in and garlic is inserted inside the roast by slicing small slits as it makes it way into the most delectable sliced pork you will ever sink your teeth in.

This delicious roast is perfect for weeknight dinners and leftovers are great in sandwiches or with the addition of barbecue sauce for a whole new meal using this roast the next day.

When I have a busy day ahead I just pop the roast in the slow cooker with all the ingredients and let this amazing appliance do its magic.

Adding a few vegetables to the large baking pan with the roast will be a complete meal and ready when you get home from your busy day.

Our family loves the roast with garlic mashed potatoes and corn on the cob, those are their favorite sides so I tend to make those more often to keep them happy.

Take a look at the ingredients in our printable recipe card below and do check out our suggestions for side dishes below.

pork roast sliced in a white ceramic dish