Italian Bakery Butter Cookies

Sunday, November 27, 2022
These super pretty Italian Bakery Butter Cookies or (jelly sticks) are s delicious butter cookies the ones you usually find behind the glass in an Italian bakery.

Using a pastry tube or a cookie press/gun is a useful tool in the kitchen to get them to look professional in shapes and one of the tricks and tips.

There are two recipes below for Italian butter cookies, the ones that are cut out with a cookie cutter are sturdier for holiday-themed shapes to decorate.

Finally, use a pastry bag with the largest star tip to make long stick shapes, wreaths, or cookie guns for other forms.

Cookies with butter can be very fragile, do not over-mix the dough, and use the largest pastry star tip to make nice ridges that look like bakery-style cookies.

These various shapes that come with the cookies press make the perfect addition to any Wedding Cookie Tray, Christmas, or any special occasion.

We enjoy all kinds of cookies and make several different kinds for the holiday season we call it the One-Stop Cookie Shop or you may like a Basic Variety Dough that makes all kinds of cookies with one dough to try.

Scroll down to my printable recipe card for both Italian Bakery Butter Cookies and Italian Butter Cutout Cookie recipes.

a plate of butter cookies

Hot Cocoa Cookies

Saturday, November 26, 2022
Hot Cocoa cookies are chewy chocolate cookies with various toppings just like sipping on a cup of hot cocoa in a cookie form.

Plus as a bonus recipe, we even included a Hot Cocoa Cake made from scratch for the holiday Christmas dessert table you may also like!

These Hot Cocoa Cookies are as much fun to make and decorate as they are to eat.

The cookies looked so pretty frosted with white or chocolate ganache icing with some colorful sprinkles to match the holiday theme.

These chocolate cocoa cookies stay soft and chewy and keep for a few days stored in an airtight container or you can easily freeze them.

If you're a hot cocoa fan try our delicious Amaretto Hot Cocoa to go along with these marvelous chocolate hot cocoa cookies.

These chocolate cookies are super easy to make with just a few steps all chocolate cookie lovers and hot cocoa lovers will enjoy them throughout the holiday season.

For a festive Christmas cookie just frost and decorate them with colorful holiday-themed sprinkles, cane canes crushed, and mini marshmallows on top.

The cookies are great to bake for that last-minute party your invited to and perfect for bringing to a cookie exchange.

Scroll down to the recipe card and don't forget to try our Hot Cocoa Cake below and read my tips, and topping suggestions.

cookies with marshmallows on  top on Christmas plate and peppermint spoon

Lasagna Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms

Saturday, November 19, 2022
Lasagna Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms are a delicious baked stuffed extra large mushroom cap that can be an appetizer or a whole meal layer with everything but the pasta!

Of course, mushroom lovers are going to be astounded by this all-in-one meal, and the substitutions and fillings can be endless on whatever you like in your pasta lasagna.

We chose to go with a layer of ricotta, tomato sauce, crushed meatballs, and/or sausage topped with lots of mozzarella and provolone blended and grated cheese.

Although you're very familiar with the traditional lasagna, we use the meaty-tasting portabello as a substitute.

When it comes to lasagna, every family makes it different, so adapted the filling to however you're used to making it.

Mom always used ricotta in our lasagna, but you can also substitute cottage cheese if that's what you prefer!

If you have a mushroom lover in your crowd, not a meat lover, keep it all vegetarian by adding spinach or artichoke hearts.

Whatever you decide, our recipe card below for stuffed lasagna-style portabello is just a guideline for you to follow and just get your own spin on this dish.

meatball and ricotta stuffed portabello mushrooms