About Me

Welcome to What's Cookin' Italian Style Cuisine! My name is Claudia and I am the owner/recipe developer behind this blog.

I am so happy to have you here today.

I originally am from Utica, New York where my hometown is famous for many Italian foods.

In this blog, I have recreated many recipes I grew up on, some of the copycat recipes from famous restaurants there and most

are all from my Italian heritage passed down over 100 years from generation to generation.

I have also created many new dishes throughout the years and my most viewed post is for Chicken Wings and Dipping Sauces and I become a little bit of a chicken wing queen in the family since I started my blog in 2009.

I surely am pleased you stopped by and would love your comments and feedback!

Here is just a sample below of the wonderful traditions we carry on.

Utica is famous for Tomato Pie, Italian Greens, Italian Lemon Ice, Pizza Fritta, Chicken Riggies, Manny's Cheesecake, Oscugnizzo Pizza, Pusties and Rosato Chocolate Cookies.

I created What's Cookin' Italian Style Cuisine in 2009 to share easy, Italian-style family recipes with those I love.

I am a retired store manager who worked for more than 31 years for a large retailer. I am also the author of Taste of Love Cookbook inspired by my late family members who were fabulous Italian cooks!

When I first started blogging my main inspiration was keeping Mom's memory alive through her recipes she left behind.

Cooking those recipes keeps her with us.

My two grown sons and family members now have all the family traditional recipes in one place.

This blog is dedicated to the memory of Margaret Ann Fanelli Colenzo, Carmen Colenzo and his mom Victoria Colenzo.

I was inspired to make a cookbook by them in their memory available on this web page.

I hope you enjoy your stay and find something you like.

For press inquiries please email me @pegasuslegend24@gmail.com. Thank you!