Blue Jello Island Dessert Recipe with Vinny

A perfect Island cool dessert that the kids will love to make and eat! During a visit with my nephew Vinny, who is from Upstate New York, (my home town) visiting me here in Florida, we decided to make something tropical, fun and easy. Utica, New York reported having 3 major snow storms while he had been here on vacation in sunny Florida. A tropical looking dessert was in order so when he went home to all the rest of his family he can make this tropical special treat to warm them up with a little taste of the tropix for the rest of his family.
It would be perfect tropical dream escape for them.
This was such a cute idea that turned out awesome,
he did a great job recreating that Island warm
feeling in one little cup!

First we had to start out with some blue jello, it took 2 packages and using the package instructions we poured it into clear plastic small cups. The flavor is blue raspberry.
                           Samantha did a beautiful job on her beach cake!

Maybe you remember our last post (with Vinnie's sister)
Tropical beach/spa cake his sister Samantha made for us?

It was fun creating the beach scene on top of the jello cups, they were so refreshing here in this 82 degree weather!

There is no doubt he was pretty proud of the finished product as he should be and ready to make them for the family in New York when he gets home!

So here is what you need:

Clear  8 ounce Plastic cups (around 6)
2 packages of Blue Raspberry Jello we used jolly rancher
Vanilla Pudding Cups
Sour Patch Kid candy
Cookie Mini Bears
Chocolate Mini Hershey Bars
Mini Umbrella's
Candy Mini Fish Sprinkles (we found this on top of a can of blue store bought frosting, the sprinkles came with it)

Make the blue jello to the package instructions and chill completely until solid.
Spread the pudding over the far edge of the glass, add a sour patch kid in the vanilla pudding standing up. Place a small square of chocolate on the vanilla pudding and lay a cookie bear on top. Place the umbrella over the bear. Sprinkle the mini candy fish on the blue part of the jello and enjoy!

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