Eggplant Parmesan with Penne Pasta

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Calling all eggplant and pasta lovers, this is the best of both worlds with eggplant parmesan and penne pasta.

This is total comfort food and anyone that adores eggplant meals like I do will love this tasty delicious dish.

It is full of freshly grated cheese, tender eggplant, and homemade tomato sauce.

The flavors are perfect together!

this is eggplant with pasta and tomato sauce with cheese on top

this is eggplant with pasta and tomato sauce with cheese on top

The Eggplant

This is so easy to make, the eggplant is baked on a cookie sheet!

Everything comes together quickly to make a delicious parmesan without standing in front of a hot stove frying.

Just take a look at this simple recipe below.

Eggplant Parmesan with Penne Pasta

Eggplant, sliced into 1/2 inch rounds

Italian flavored bread crumbs

extra virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon garlic powder, or to taste

2 tablespoons olive oil or more if needed

3 cloves garlic, chopped

4 large tomatoes, chopped

1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese or more

3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 small can tomato paste mixed with 1/2 cup of Burgundy wine and 1/2 cup water or more

1/2 teaspoon each garlic powder, oregano, basil, parsley

1/4 teaspoon cayenne

Mix all herbs together in a small bowl set aside

salt and pepper to taste

grating cheese

1 lb penne pasta boiled in salt water until al dente to the taste.


Drain toss with 3 tablespoon olive oil and set aside, keep warm.

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large skillet over low to medium heat.

Add the fresh garlic and tomatoes.

Cook and stir for a few minutes until fragrant, and the tomatoes have released their juices.

In a medium bowl, and 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese.

Set aside.

Baking the Eggplant

Place the eggplant slices in a greased baking dish large enough to lay the eggplant single sliced.

Drizzle olive oil over the eggplant.

Sprinkle with Italian bread crumbs and grating cheese.

Pour tomato paste and wine mixture sauce around the bottom of the baking dish add the mozzarella plus parmesan cheese over the top.

Sprinkle with remaining herbs.

Bake at 350-degree hot oven for 30 minutes or more until browned and bubbly.

You can serve one of two ways: serve the eggplant on top of the penne with the fresh sauce on top mozzarella and parmesan or you can cut the eggplant up by scooping out with a spoon, tossing with the pasta add all sauces, bake again with mozzarella cheese till melted as shown in the picture above.

Serve with more grating cheese.


  1. Great combo, have been planning to try this since long. Need to try it this weekend

  2. I tested an eggplant and pasta dish for Cook's Illustrated. It didn't look near as good as yours does. They didn't use cheese and the flavor was off. I would definitely eat your eggplant pasta.

  3. Lovely recipe!I adore eggplants and they are perfect with pasta!xxx

  4. lovely combination Claudia
    pasta looks wonderful

  5. What a lovely recipe. This is one my family would really enjoy. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. Che buone le melanzane. I love pasta with them, it is so tasty!

  7. Hello dinner! Pasta-eggplant perfection.

  8. This is similar to the WW recipe I use; just made it last week. I actually prefer the thicker slices when I bake the eggplant. Going to have to make some more this week just to eat without sauce and cheese. Looks yummy.

  9. Eggplant is the one dish I almost always order when eating at an Italian restaurant. I like your version. Have you ever made eggplant rollatini? It's yummy!

  10. Healthier than an eggplant parm! I dig it!

  11. O god thank you, You gave me something new to try with Egg plants. A definitely try in my recipe collection.

  12. Great combination. Looks so inviting.

  13. There are two veggies that I accept in place of meat and that is portabellos and eggplant! By the looks of the seasonings in here, I know I would enjoy eating this. Another delicious italian creation-well done Claudia!

  14. I love new recipes with eggplant - I love eggplant but am not always great about making it for myself!

  15. I love the combo if eggplant,mozzarella and pasta. This looks great!


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