Santa Nutter Butter Hat

Sunday, December 7, 2014
Santa is made from the famous Nutter Butter Cookies, easy and festive looking for Christmas in a child's eye and young at heart.

These can be made sure easy or if you're a creative decorator, use professional cake decorating tools for a smooth look.

We took the easy way out and used melted chocolate, canned frosting, tic tacs, and red cinnamon hots for the nose.

All you have to do is put that creative juice to work and you can adapt away however you like.

We also used sanding red sugar for the Santa hat for a little glistening highlight.

Super easy instructions and really nothing to it, but the kids will love helping you make these festive Christmas Cookies.

If you're not a baker or like to make fun treats, these will be your new favorite cookies for the holidays.

santa nutter butter cookies made into santa

Step By Step Santa Nutter Butter Cookies

  1. lay them out on wax paper
  2. frost or dip each end in white chocolate or frosting
  3. decorate with frosting or candies
  4. let dry completely

santa nutter butter cookies made into santa

Some Fun Tips and Suggestions

  • decorate with a pastry tube and pastry bag
  • add small candy eyes premade or mini chocolate chips
  • use thicker sanding sugar for the hat
  • dip in white chocolate instead of white frosting
  • if using frosting microwave for 10 seconds until slightly melted and then dip or brush it on with a pastry brush then quickly add the decorating ingredients
  • use canned frosting or homemade and use food coloring to tint for eyes, nose and leave the tasseled white
  • add shredded coconut to his beard for a shaggy beard look 

santa nutter butter cookies made into santa

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Santa Nutter Butter Hat

Santa Nutter Butter Hat

Yield: 30
Author: Claudia Lamascolo
Prep time: 10 MinInactive time: 10 MinTotal time: 20 Min
Santa is made from the famous Nutter Butter Cookies, easy and festive looking for Christmas in a child's eye and young at heart


  • 1 package of Nutter Butter Cookies (you need that shape)
  • White frosting tinted blue or blue store-bought frosting in a can
  • 1 package of cinnamon round candies for the Santa nose
  • mini chocolate chips for the eyes or use blue-tinted frosting and pipe it on
  • peppermint candy mints IE tic tac for the tassel or use frosting
  • White Chocolate morsels melted or use a can of white frosting
  • Red tinted anding sugar
  • Optional for coconut lovers, add coconut to the beard!


  1. Lay the cookies on a sheet of wax paper to catch the drippings.
  2. Use white chocolate melted and dip on both ends or spread it with canned white frosting or use a pastry brush to brush it on.
  3. Add the coconut to the bottom of the beard if using coconut.
  4. Sprinkle the top of the hat with red sanding sugar.
  5. Add a breath mint for the tassel or a round frosting ball at the end of the Santa hat.
  6. Attach the red nose with white frosting.
  7. Use blue frosting for two eyes or mini chocolate chips.
  8. Let dry completely.

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  1. I love ease, Claudia! Especially with 42 people coming over Christmas Eve! Such a fun project to do with little ones! Happy Holidays!

  2. These are SO cute and easy! You're going to have many fun Christmases in the kitchen with your grandchildren!!!


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