Santa Nutter Butter Hat Recipe Video

Sunday, December 7, 2014

If your in a hurry kind of cook and work all crazy hours like I do this is for you! I want to give the kids a fun project to do and this is it. I just love creative foods. This was a huge hits for kids of all ages and the young at heart adults! It really puts a smile on everyones face who loves nutter butters and they really do taste great and look festive don't they?

Here's all you need to buy and then watch the video to see how easy they are to do!

Nutter butter cookies
Blue canned frosting or make your own
Red hot candies for the Santa nose
Tiny white mints for the tassel on the hat or just use white frosting
White Chocolate morsels melted or use a can of white frosting
Red tinted sugar
Optional for coconut lovers, add coconut to the beard!



  1. I love ease, Claudia! Especially with 42 people coming over Christmas Eve! Such a fun project to do with little ones! Happy Holidays!

  2. These are SO cute and easy! You're going to have many fun Christmases in the kitchen with your grandchildren!!!


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