Make Your Own Colored Sugars Recipe

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This is the perfect win win situation. Quick and easy but the first thing you need to do is start saving your jars. Don't throw away those small jars save them for your sugars they are perfect for shaking this mixture in and storing!

Make Your Own Colored Sugars Recipe
Food colorings of choice

2/3 cups regular white sugar

glass jar

Place the sugar in a clear glass dry jar. Add 2 drops of food coloring of choice and shake, add one more drop at a time shaking vigorously until you achieve the desired color of course the more you add the darker the color start out light for pastels.
I shake this until the color is evenly distributed.
I also spread it out on wax paper and a cookie sheet to dry first either several hours or over night. Place it back in the jar put the lid on top until ready to use.
Easy and saves lots of money!


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  1. Thank you sweet Claudia for always sharing such great recipes. I just copied this one.

  2. Dear Claudia, You always have a creative idea to share. The cookies look so sweet. I bet I know who they are for(wink).
    xo Catherine

  3. Perfect timing. Was wondering what to do to fancy up my refrigerator cookie rolls. Got some gold colored sugar in France but don't want to use it all. This way I can do some special purple trims this year with the gold. Thanks!


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