Hot Capicola Mushroom Provolone Frittata Recipe

Friday, August 21, 2015
A delicious frittata filled with mozzarella, hot capicola, and mushrooms. Of course, you can put anything you want in it.
I love roasted peppers in mine.

Hot Capicola Mushroom Provolone Frittata Recipe

Sliced mushrooms
3 or 4 slices hot capicola cut into pieces
4 cheese slices mozzarella, provolone or fontina
3 eggs beaten
salt pepper to taste
olive oil plus 1 tablespoon butter
Italian seasonings
Cayenne pepper
grated cheese
granulated garlic

Beat the eggs, season with garlic powder just a pinch, salt pepper to taste, pinch of Italian seasonings, cayenne if you like the heat. 
Add in a heated fry pan 3 tablespoons olive oil and butter. Add one layer hot capicola and mushrooms add the mozzarella cheese on top. Cook until a little crispy. Pour eggs over the top, another layer of mozzarella more hot capicola and mushrooms. Cook and keep flipping until cheese is crispy.  Flip in half sprinkle with grating cheese. 

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  1. This sounds delicious and has all things I like - it's been a while since I had some good capicola


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