Claudia's Grilled Chicken Spinach Roasted Pepper Sandwich

Saturday, August 29, 2015

When I was on vacation I had a similar sandwich in our favorite restaurant there. I decided to try it tweaking it just a bit and making it to my taste. The biggest difference is how I cooked the chicken, I baked it with lime juice instead of fried it. I have to say this is one fantastic tasting sandwich!

What you will need:

Boneless chicken breasts sliced thin
creole seasoning
minced garlic
olive oil
sauteed spinach
roasted peppers
sliced plum tomato
provolone cheese or mozzarella
lime juice freshly squeezed
Italian thick sliced bread
salt, pepper to taste
red pepper flakes

Here's all I did:

I sauteed spinach in garlic and olive oil with a little red pepper flakes.  I baked the boneless thin sliced chicken breasts in the oven with creole seasoning with squeezed fresh lime juice and some minced garlic drizzled a little olive oil on each piece along with salt, pepper to taste. Baked it  till the juices ran clear on 350 degrees around 20 minutes.

Take two slices of thick Italian bread, thick sliced plum tomato,  added some roasted peppers, spinach, ending with chicken and provolone cheese on top.
I then place the Italian bread stack and grilled it in olive oil until the cheese melted on both sides. 

This is one of the best sandwiches I ever ate.

Next time I will add some sauteed grilled mushrooms too! 


  1. Looks really delicious Claudia! Sounds really flavorful also. I love a crispy crusty grilled sandwich!

  2. Looks droolworthy! I love the combo of flavours, Claudia.

  3. Looks droolworthy! I love the combo of flavours, Claudia.

  4. It looks delicious and I can see why it was your best ever.


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