Holiday Tea Sandwiches

Sunday, February 11, 2018
I think Holiday Tea Sandwiches are great fun to make!

I love making finger sandwiches for events, holiday, school functions, brunches!

They are such easy fun festive ways to celebrate all your party needs.

Whenever you want to impress someone at any function, as long as you have the right cookie cutter, you can really put a smile on the kids and young at heart face.

Easy to make and fun to eat!

From cute little Valentine's Day all year long holidays to Christmas, just get some cute little cutters for these little sandwiches.

They really go fast at any party function.

I make them every year on Halloween with pumpkins and ghosts and then 4th of July with star cutters and make fillings to match the theme of the holiday.

Christmas filled with red and green ideas.

Get creative, I will give you plenty of filling ideas, you just need to get the right cookie cutters for that holiday, party or school event theme!

these are 3 tea sandwiches with blueberry and cream cheese, strawberry and salad fillings

the are bread cutouts with strawberry filling

Great Ideas!

Perfect for a shower or wedding too! Check out the many sandwich filling ideas I have below.

Great little picnic sandwiches for the beach and entertaining guests just for a quick afternoon snack!

this is a bread star cookie cutter cutout with blueberry filling

Great Creative with Cookie Cutter Festive Ideas

I don't know what is more fun, making these Holiday tea sandwiches or eating them!

I just love coming up with new ideas for any party, event or even for just my significant other and I when relaxing at night.

Kick back and make a few finger sandwiches that are the perfect pick food any time of the day.

these are finger food sandwiches using several cookie cutter for shapes for the holiday

Any Event Fun Sandwiches

Then baby showers, wedding and other shapes using wedding bells and I used boy and girl gingerbread men for the baby shower.

Really get creative. Start collecting cookie cutters. These are always great fun to make and the hit at every function.

Finger sandwiches or tea sandwiches in cookie cutter shapes

Impressive little sandwiches!

Great for that last minute idea to bring along that will make everyone say how creative you are.

These can be the hit of any party, function, shower, wedding or fundraisers.

Finger sandwiches or tea sandwiches in cookie cutter shapes

Great for fundraisers!

I have made just about every shape with a cookie cutter there is from any Holiday theme, school football sandwich cutters.

Breast cancer awareness month fundraisers emblems to a St. Patrick's Day party.

Just find the cookie cutters you need and make this a smash hit at any event or party!

this is a heart shaped cutter on bread to make tea sandwiches with strawberries and cream cheese

Really Anything Goes!

Seriously, the filling can be easy!

Ham salad, chicken salad, fruits, and cream cheese, as simple as lettuce tomato and bacon, cookie spreads, Nutella, peanut butter and jelly, cream cheese with nuts and honey, the list goes on and one!

You just need to get creative.

Even using leftover chicken is great adding barbecue sauce or hot sauce!

this is a cutout sandwich using a cookie cutter shamrock

Fun for School Lunches the kids to make!

All you need is fresh easy to cut through bread, no crusts and make a favorite filling or coordinating colored filling to add to that theme.

Easy. You can even just boil up some chicken quickly and make barbecued chicken, chicken salad, hot sauce chicken or just mix with some ranch dressing.

I have even used spinach dip for the filling during St. Patrick's Day, a festive filling all green!

Cut into animal shapes for the kid's lunches they will love these!

Finger sandwiches or tea sandwiches in cookie cutter shapes

Fun to Make and Festive

Using several cookie cutters that I have collected along the way.

I usually have something for every holiday to make these Holiday Tea Sandwiches.

Starting off the year with Valentine's Day then on to St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

Finger sandwiches or tea sandwiches in cookie cutter shapes filled with tuna, egg salad, jams, peanut butter, salad, whatever you like

Kids Love to Make these too!

I also love to use my cookie cutters to make animal shapes for the kids when they want grilled cheese or their favorite fillings, like tuna or egg salad. This is perfect for school lunches too.

During the game day season, I also have football cookie cutters, round cutters for baseballs and decorate them with the team theme colors and fill with the guys favorite, pulled shredded pork.

Getting creative with colorful foods are so much fun. I always use strawberries or raspberries for Valentine's Day. St. Patrick's Day is easy filling them with arugula and tinted egg salad that's green.

It's perfect little finger foods, especially for any kind of gathering you may have.

I like to use blueberries for the 4th of July.

Halloween is so much fun doing pumpkins, ghosts, and other cookie cutter shapes.

Holiday Tea Sandwiches Pin for later

Red White and Blue Appetizers made into little tea sandwiches with blueberries, strawberries, cream cheese and egg salad, tuna fish and other delicious filling for a Patriotic and festive 4th of July party using cookie cutters for the star, heart and shamrock all holiday themed

cookie cutters, tea sandwiches, holiday, party foods, fun foods, kids projects
sandwiches, fun foods, holiday

Holiday Tea Sandwiches

prep time: 15 minscook time: 25 minstotal time: 40 mins
Sandwiches cut out with cookie cutters for any Holiday of themed party!


Filling Suggestions:

Turkey breast chopped fine add some mayo or ranch dressing to moisten

Chicken chopped adding peppercorn ranch dressing, raisins, diced apples
Turkey and cranberry sauce

Pulled pork

Peanut butter and jelly


Egg Salad using chopped boiled eggs and mayo

Tuna Salad using canned tuna, mayo and some chopped black olives

Ham Salad using chopped ham, chopped pineapple and mayo

Pepperoni, Capicola, Mortadella all chopped together in small pieces add some Italian dressing and shredded lettuce

Cream cheese spread on the bread and add canned drained crab meat or baby shrimp

Tomato or Basil pesto (really festive for Holiday or Christmas

Chopped meats with mayonnaise

Deli corned beef with sauerkraut and thousand island dressing

Mini Chopped hotdogs with relish

Mini hamburgers with condiment

For Sweeter Sandwich ideas for Baby Showers, Wedding and other functions:

Cream cheese mixed with fruits IE strawberries sliced, blueberries, raspberries, crushed pineapple,  minced fig or dates

Cream cheese with chopped pecans, finely chopped pistachios or other nuts

Cream cheese with added vegetable soup mix and a little mayonnaise add various chopped 

Nutella with hazelnuts and marshmallows

Banana and Nutella

 celery, garlic minced, tomatoes, cucumbers. Mix with the cream cheese add the vegetables spread sandwiches and add shredded lettuce or arugula.

Garnishes with fruits, olives, radish flowers


Adorable finger sandwiches for any event, holiday or party!
Use any bread and any cookie cutters. Cut shapes out. 
Add your favorite filling.
Garnish with fruits, olives or coordinating food garnishes.

Optional: all cream cheese can be color tinted to the 
theme of the party or holiday
 with food coloring.
Decorate with decorative flags theme toothpicks, 
colored plastic party picks, olives,
 use mini cookie cutters
 fruit cutout for the centers of the 
finger sandwiches using pineapple or melons.
You can also garnish with dried herbs 
or paprika for coloring for Christmas.
fat (grams)
sat. fat (grams)
carbs (grams)
protein (grams)
sugar (grams)
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Holiday Tea Sandwiches Pin for later

These are little tea sandwiches filled with strawberry, blueberry, cream cheese, ham salad, tuna salad, chicken salad and egg salad.

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Finger sandwiches or tea sandwiches in cookie cutter shapes filled with tuna, egg salad, jams, peanut butter, salad, whatever you like


  1. So many fun shapes and filling options! Perfect for any occasion :)

  2. These are absolutely adorable! My girls would have loved these when they were young :)

  3. These tea sandwiches are SO fun! I don't know what happened to all of my cookie cutters~I think I need to staock up on some new ones just so I can make these sandwiches. Yum!

  4. Great idea! I like thr use of various shapes to keep it interesting! Something different from the normal triangles!


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