Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownies

When it comes to brownies, chocolate overload is the way to go. This triple decadent triple chocolate fudge brownie is loaded with delicious chocolate and a secret ingredient!

these are a decadent  Triple #chocolate #brownie for chocolate lovers Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine #brownies #chocolate #bar #cookie #recipe

Mom's Focaccia Cheese Stuffed Bread

Focaccia is a delicious herb infused bread, usually with dimples on the top, olive oil and lots of spices. I made this stuffed with Italian cheeses. It's baked to perfections and the aroma is fabulous!

This is delicious #pizza #dough #stuffed with #cheese and fresh herbs

Homemade Potato Herb Bread

Potato herb bread is so versatile! You can use it for so many recipes and the dough last longer than most Because it's so moist. The best part is it's texture, softness and heaviness, perfect for stews and soups!

a fantastic texture potato bread perfect for rolls, pizza and much more

Dried Cherry Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

Through the years of baking this banana bread is the best quick bread recipe I ever found. Now adding dried cherries and chocolate chips it's even better!

Dried Cherry Banana  Chocolate Chip Bread #banana #cherry #bread

Grandma's Italian Style Rice Pudding Recipe

Grandma always made recipes that are etched in my mind in flavor this rice pudding is comforting cooked to perfection, it's a great dessert and wonderful treat.

A creamy delicious rice pudding that I grew up on #rice #pudding