Decadent Peanut Butter Filling

I love special decadent fillings like this peanut butter filling for cakes and cupcakes. When you take your first bite of this creamy delicious smooth peanut butter filling,stuffed inside that cupcakes or layer cake,  you will know why this is the best filled cake you ever ate!

This is truly the way to a peanut butter lovers heart for sure!  Using the filling in a chocolate cupcake with this decadent peanut butter filling or a  chocolate baked layer cake will take you to the next level of yum!

Whenever I need to bake a special cake and there is a peanut butter lover, this is my go to recipe! A sure winner every time.

Tomato Basil Spinach Soup

Another easy and ready in 15 minute soup recipe with a special addition homemade garlic cheesy croutons and fresh chopped spinach. Perfect any day of the week but comforting for me when you need to get that chill out because of the weather! Perfect to leave in a slow cooker after you make on the stove top too!

Tomato Basil Spinach Soup Recipe

Italian Salsa and Video

Italian style salsa is a favorite in our home. Being I am a huge fan of salsa but not with onion in it, this is my version of a garlic salsa.  You can add anything you like to your dipping salsa vegetable wise keeping it chunky.

I just love fresh herbs that enhances this salsa. It's bursting with freshness from the garden. We are so lucky to have fresh produce in abundance all year long in Florida. This is just the perfect appetizer salsa to spread on top of tortilla, garlic bread, crackers and pita bread points toasted. You can also use fresh sliced vegetables instead of crackers for a low carb treat! Let's get this recipe started for our Italian salsa!



Steak Cutlets Caprese

The best meals are most of the time the easy ones. Just a few ingredients and you will make a perfect dinner that everyone will rave about. This steak cutlet caprese is sure to impress everyone with it's fresh flavors. It's such a great looking dish! It's my go to recipe for many meats and this steak is so tender. You can throw this together really quick, even if you worked all day or been extremely busy. This steak cuts like butter it's so tender!

Steak Cutlets Caprese

Easy Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuits

If we have day trip or wanted to sleep in on the weekend, these simple bacon egg and cheese biscuits are the perfect breakfast. You can make them ahead of time and reheat them! They are portable to take with you in the car, to work or even a school lunch.