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Grandma's Pasta and Peas in Recipe and VIDEO

Here is a recipe in my new book A Taste of Love. This is on page 39 in the book. To get your copy see link below to order now. Grandma's Pasta and Peas is in this book along with more than 140 recipes from Mom, Dad and her. While quantities last.

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Here is meal that Grandma would feed the whole block with as it went very far on a small budget! Being Italian anyone who walked in around dinner time would be invited  in our house. We always had a gang. However growing up, we were on a strict budget. Mom and Dad and Grandma who lived with us, learned how to make meals stretch  and managed to feed a bunch! This was absolutely a  fabulous favorite of mine then and more so now remembering the great memories they brought to the table, togetherness mom would say, was the most important thing. Life seems to be fast and furious now with so little time to spend, quality time with the ones we love. 


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