15 Easy Pasta Recipes

Monday, March 23, 2020
Here are over 15 pasta recipes cooked all different ways with easy pantry ingredients.

Some stovetop, others baked and all favorites through the years.

There are pasta sauces, pasta salads, casseroles, and many classic traditional recipes.

Many of these recipes are economical and will feed a large family easily on a budget with fantastic simple recipes.

The favorite classic like mac and cheese, tuna casserole and even a quick lasagna are just a few mentioned in this roundup of wonderful recipes.

What better than to have all your favorites saved in one place.

Check out the delicious recipes below and sauces to mix and match to make for your family with some less than 30 minutes of meals on your tables.

If you're a pasta lover you will love scrolling through all of these tried and true recipes.

We just love all kinds of pasta especially with the addition of beans.

Then we love our specialty pasta like our Homemade Cavatelli Pasta with Traditional Italian Meat Sauce and a favorite Homemade Ravioli Dough Pasta to just name a few of the family recipes we love.

There is something for everyone.

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this is a tortellini salad with cheese in the pasta with fresh basil and tomato

This is a cold pasta salad made with Tortellini.

Perfect as a meal or side dish.

Caprese Tortellini Salad

this is an easy tomato sauce made with tomatoes and spices called marinara

An old-world recipe with just tomatoes.

Poured over spaghetti this sauce is a classic favorite if you want meatballs, fry them and serve on the side, not in the sauce.

Grandma's Easy Marinara Sauce

this is pesto sauce with peas over linguine

This is easy pesto pasta made quickly in minutes.

Peas and pistachio flavored sauce over linguine.

Pesto Peas and Pasta

this is bow tie pasta with broccoli chicken and lemon

Broccoli Lemon Chicken Pasta

this is a baked Italian classic ziti recipe with sauce and meat loaded with melted mozzarella cheese

This is a classic Italian pasta meal all in one pan.

The cheese melted on top of pasta, Italian tomato sauce and meat.

Baked Ziti

this is a baked macaroni and cheese with chicken in it

This is a baked mac and cheese style casserole with chicken.

It's loaded with cheese and a favorite in our home.

Chicken Mac and Cheese Bake

this is rigatoni pasta with ricotta and mushrooms

Delicious easy ricotta mixed with any kind of pasta you like with mushrooms.

This also has just a hint of Marsala wine.

Mushroom Ricotta Pasta

this is an old fashioned no soup tuna noodle casserole

This is old fashioned tuna casserole from scratch.

The recipe uses all pantry ingredients, not soup.

Tuna Noodle Casserole

this is a pan of sauce with peas and pork to pour over pasta

This is pork, peas with your favorite pasta sauce.

An easy 30 minutes sauce over pasta of choice.

Ditalini Pasta and Peas

this is a ravioli pasta made into lasagna

Here is a way to make a quick lasagna using any pasta but the quickest way is to layer ravioli!

Everyone raves about this and just the pasta looks different the taste is marvelous!

Quick Lasagna

this is a chili Mexican sauce over pasta

Leftover homemade chili or just use any kinds of beans with chili sauce, canned chili with beans or regular beans with taco sauce added to pasta.

An easy meal to feed a hungry crowd!

Chili Mac

this is a medley of seafood crab, scallops, shrimp in a scampi butter sauce

A medley of whatever seafood you like in a butter sauce over pasta is quick and easy.

Perfect for all seafood lovers.

Seafood Scampi

this is a large pot of sauce with bow tie pasta and much like a copycat sausage helper

This recipe is simple, with either store-bought or homemade ingredients.

Sauce, meat, cheese and your favorite pasta you have on hand.

Italian Style Pasta Helper

This is a favorite global pasta made in a slow cooker.

Mac and cheese is a match made in heaven comfort food, easy, creamy and famous all over the world.

this is mac and cheese made in a slow cooker

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

this is a casserole made with chicken and hot sauce with pasta mac and cheese flavors

A buffalo chicken baked into this mac and cheese hot sauce casserole.

If you want to impress a chicken wing lover, make this tonight and watch it fly off the plate!

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

This is a traditional Italian MEAT Sauce poured over your favorite cooked pasta.

There are meatballs and sausage in the sauce to give it a classic Italian flavor.

this is a traditional Italian meat sauce

Traditional Sunday Sauce for Pasta

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this pin for later is how to make all kinds of pasta recipes

Bonus Homemade Pasta Recipes

Homemade gnocchi
Homemade egg noodles
Homemade manicotti
Homemade ravioli
Homemade cavatelli
Homemade orecchiette
Stuffed Shells
Mom's Lasagna


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