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Homemade Lemon Extract Recipe

You may remember my vanilla extract recipe homemade? Well this is one I use often in my sesame seed cookie recipe that my family can't get enough of. When I saw the price of the lemon extract I decided it was high time to make my own and this one is better than the flavor I have purchased in stores.
So easy to make too. I love it. Makes the best tasting cookies and great in cakes! Lets get started!

Lemon Extract Recipe

1 cup vodka
6 whole lemon peeled and washed and peel with no white part of the rind
Slice up the rind in string form and add to the vodka place into a medium size sauce pan.
Heat to boiling then cool and add to a glass jar. Store for 4 weeks in a dark cupboard area. Shake occasionally.
Use without rind in it by straining it into a clean glass covered jar. Then store in the refrigerator or dark cabinet area.
Use as needed in cakes, cookies and other recipes calling for lemon extract.

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